When will He come?


When every heart's desire pales
Before the brilliancy of the ever-leaping flames of God-love,
Then He will come.

When, in expectation of His coming.
You are ever ready
To fearlessly, grieflessly, joyously
Burn the faggots of all desires
In the fireplace of life,
That you may protect Him from your freezing inner indifference,
Then He will come.

When no inclinations or unfulfilled cravings
Can be sure of your stability toward them;
When He shall be certain you will never leave the Guru,
Then He will come.

No matter how you feel -- helpless, forsaken,
Tortured by temptation, karma or tests --
If you ever keep hoping He will come,
He will come.

When your mind says piercingly,
"You can't have Him, you don't deserve having Him";
Still, if your soul, disregarding all this,
Shall ever keep chanting within, "He will come,"
He will come.

When He shall be sure nothing else can claim you,
Then he will come.

Even if you are the sinner of sinners,
Still, if you never stop calling Him deeply,
In the temple of unceasing love,
Then He will come.

from "Songs of the Soul"  by Paramhansa Yogananda