Uit de Upanishads

Even as

Even as fire finds peace 
in its resting place without fuel, 
when thoughts become silent, 
the soul finds peace in its own source.

When the mind is silent, 
then it can enter into a world 
which is far beyond the mind.

~ Upanishads ~


The Lord of Love willed: "Let me be many!" 


The Lord of Love willed: "Let me be many!" 

And in the depths of her meditation she created everything that exists. 
Meditating, she entered into everything. 
She who has no form assumed many forms; 
she who is infinite appeared finite; 
she who is everywhere assumed a place; 
she who is all wisdom caused ignorance;
 she who is real caused unreality. 

It is she who has become everything. 
It is she who gives reality to all. 
Before the Universe was created, 
Spirit existed as Unmanifest. 

The Self is the source of abiding joy. 
Our hearts are filled with joy in seeing her enshrined in the depths of our consciousness. 

If she were not there, who would breathe, who live? She it is who fills every heart with joy. 
Until we realize the Unity of Life, we live in fear. 
For the seeker who knows not the Self, his separateness becomes fear itself.

When one realizes the Self, in whom All Life is One, changeless, nameless, formless, then one fears no more. 

~Taittiriya Upanishad~