Vital Information regarding contact with the Astral World

27-01-2017 00:00

Most people who walk the spiritual path will at some time or other come into contact with the “unseen” world. This may be via direct experience or through the information of people with whom they have had contact.  Still others will gain an understanding of the Astral realm through the books that they have read.

What you are about to read is not common knowledge and is not discussed in the many New Age books that abound in circulation today.  This information is not discussed because it is entirely contradictory with everything that is talked about regarding the spirit world/ astral realms/unseen worlds.

You have no doubt been taught that everything is “love and light” and may even sign off your emails with this “motto” of the new age.  You may have the ability to or know someone who has channelled the Archangel Michael or Mother Mary or Maitreya or an Extra Terrestrial who is here to assist the Earth during her transition into the 4th or 5th dimensions.  These entities may have told you that you are the reincarnation of some historical figure or related to someone famous and as fantastic and unbelievable as it sounds, you have been assured that this is true.

You may have or know of someone who talks directly with Jesus and who has been instructed by Jesus to engage in humanitarian projects or build a new church or write an incredible book.

You have possibly had some real proof presented to you, especially if you have clairvoyant abilities, in the form of information that did, indeed come true.  You have also likely had some moments where the information you were presented seemed far too complicated to understand, but that this was alright, because you were assured that with your ensuing enlightenment, everything would become clear.

Some of you may have attended one or more of the many and varied healing courses which require you to lay hands upon people in order to heal them of their ills.  You have likely been taught that the energy you bring through is universal with it’s origins in Divine love and light.  More to the point, in doing so, you are providing a great service to this troubled earth and its people.

Still others may be using their healing abilities to focus “love and light” into various parts of the earth to help heal her wounds.  This is often done via group prayers and meditations with the aim of bringing about world peace, ending the conflict in the Middle East or reawakening the earth’s chakra’s.

Some people who walk the path, may have even seen some rather nasty looking astral creatures that they have been instructed to destroy by using special abilities or astral weapons that they have been given.

So far,so good.  The above likely appears quite reasonable and acceptable because this is what everybody talks about in the New Age movement.  And of course, it goes without saying that the intentions of all involved are for the good.  For many know about the battle of good versus evil and are working hard to bring the Light in to end the evil upon earth.

Now for the Truth.  We should warn you that the Truth is not constrained by the need to tout spiritual platitudes in order to avoid offending people. In fact, it is the “spiritual correctness” of the times that has prevented people from critically examining everything of a spiritual nature that they hear about or experience.   The Truth does not care if it offends your ego and in doing so you become angry or defensive because the Truth seeks only to communicate with the Soul that is within you.

You may need to read the next sections slowly and several times for it to make sense, for it to really sink in.  However, we will warn you now a second time, that if you do not want to change the way you currently view the Astral world and all its inhabitants, then you should stop reading now.   In a manner similar to Morpheus speaking to Neo in the Matrix – you can either take the blue pill and forget you every found this site (leave now and stop reading) or you can take the red pill and know the Truth (read on).


Now get ready for Wonderland, Alice……..

The Truth is, you have been lied to regarding all of your psychic experiences.  This is because the people/spirit guides who have been “assisting you” either do not know the Truth, or, they have kept the Truth from you.  Most spirit guides and the vast majority of people you encounter do not know the Truth and this esoteric fact is summed up when Christ said “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”.  Hence, the spirit guides, who you are familiar with, have been providing you with inaccurate information, information born of ignorance.  Of course, if these guides did know the Truth and they didn’t tell you, then you can conclude here and now that they kept this information form you.  These presumably true and trusted spirit guides have in fact, deceived you.  “Why would they do that?” you may ask.  “They told me that they have only my highest good in mind”, you continue.  To understand the answers to this very reasonable question, read on.

The following model of the astral world and the physical world will help to explain why it is so easy to be lead astray from the very path you seek to walk.


There is an esoteric law that states “as above so below”.  This law is demonstrated in the above picture of the 2 pyramids, where the upside down pyramid is the physical earth and the right way up pyramid is the astral world.  The astral world is also known as the “Reflection Sphere” because it is, in fact, a perfect reflection of all the many representations of life on earth. 

When a person dies and ends their physical journey, they wake up in the reflection worlds (the place that some might call Heaven) and spend time in an ethereal body until such time as their ethereal body dissolves and they have to incarnate back into the flesh once again.  This cycle is eternal until you are fortunate enough to stumble upon the Keys that will set you free so that you can return home to the Father in the Real Heaven.  The Father does not live in the reflection sphere and neither can the Kingdom of Heaven or Nirvana be found there.  This is because this world, both the physical and the astral world has been set aside by the powers of darkness and it exists outside of the Divine Universe. 

You cannot go home to the Real Heaven by staying on the wheel of birth and death – by eternally cycling through a period of life on earth and then a stay in the astral worlds followed by another life on earth.  You can only go Home by walking the path.  To do this you have to have knowledge, but this knowledge has been kept from you because this world and the astral world are a trap.  The Divine Spark that is within you, that is a part of God, that is sometimes called the Soul is being purposely and deliberately starved of information that would otherwise liberate it.   You are being fed information that will forever keep you trapped within these two realms because the dark controlling energies of this undivine universe of which earth is a part, need the energy that you produce through your emotions, your hopes and dreams, your disappointments, your anger and frustration and most importantly – your fear.  The energy that you give out, that is taken from you – feeds and keeps both the dark entities and the lightworkers alive (so to speak).  Without your energy, they can no longer exist.  That’s right, without you trapped here – they, both so called good and bad entities would cease to exist.  They too are trying to survive and survival, as you know, is the most powerful of all motivators.  Many crimes are committed in the name of surviving.  Remember that entire countries will go to war, in order to survive and avoid death (which is quite a paradox itself!)

But wait a minute, we hear you say.  “When I speak with my guide he/she does not cause me to feel fear.  In fact he/she inspires me to perform noble deeds such as bringing about world peace.”  Good point.  Let’s look at this a little closer.

When a person who has lived an essentially “good” life dies, they wake up in a essentially “good” part of the reflection sphere as “like attracts like”.  This world, this summerland is very nice indeed when compared to earth but sooner or later the poor individual learns that the etheric body that they possess is not eternal and that sooner of later they will have to return to the physical once again.  This etheric body requires energy to maintain its form and existence in the astral realms.  Hence, a lightworker can prolong its existence in the astral by tapping into energy – your energy.  This energy serves to replenish and maintain their etheric body.  The lightworkers require a higher form of energy than the malevolent spirits and this energy can only be created by encouraging people such as yourself to perform so called “good“ deeds (such as meditating for a change of a corrupt government).

In the same way as the malevolent spirits get energy from people who experience fear, anger and other negative emotions/thoughts, the lighworkers acquire energy whenever we do noble deeds like trying to save the imitation fake world.  This is because whenever we engage in any level of heightened emotion, we produce an “ether bleeding” and, depending upon what type of energy is released, a corresponding entity will be attracted to this energy and consume it.  If you have ever had the sensation of feeling “drained” you have actually been “vampirised” by one or more astral beings.  Yes, this is where the legend of vampires actually originated.

There you have it – you started reading this information as a person and now you have just learnt that you are nothing more than a big battery.  “But this can’t be true” I hear you say – “I honestly channel the Archangel Michael”.  To date we have lost count of the many people who claim to channel Michael or the Mother Mary or even Jesus.  To further illustrate our example, we have counted over a dozen reincarnations of Mary Magdalene and more than 20 of Jesus Christ and King Arthur. Sooner or later, you begin to conclude that this is farcical situation and are inclined to ask “Will the real Mary Magdalene please step forward?  “ Well the others must be fakes, but I’m legitimate”, your ego continues.   The Truth is, if you really were in the presence of the Archangel Michael – a Solar Being of the first Ray, you would be nothing more than ashes as you would be destroyed by the sheer energy that such a being radiates.  

So who is it that you have been “talking to?”  You have probably heard of the Higher Self, who has been frequently and incorrectly attributed as a wise part of yourself that you should listen to.  This is another lie, born of ignorance.  Your Higher Self certainly has a lot of experience, for when you have died and travelled to the astral realms, your Higher Self has remained somewhat intact with a full set of your earthly experiences.  Hence, over many 100’s of life times, the Higher Self acquires a large amount of experience from which to draw on.  However, it does not have access to Divine Knowledge and it does not know they way Home to God.  In fact, just like the other Astral beings, it needs you to keep dying and reincarnating so that it may survive. If you went Home and stopped returning to earth, your Higher Self would cease to exist.  Hence it has a real need to provide you with exactly the information it wants you to have.  Of course it also knows and understands everything that you desire as it is, in every single life time, an astral extension of your self, that is your ego/personality.  So who have you been talking to?  You have been talking to your Higher Self who is very accomplished at masquerading as any large and powerful being that your ego will respond to.  Your Higher Self is in fact by nature a large being and this fits in perfectly with people who marvel at the awesome size of the Archangel Michael when he “presents” himself for a chat about all manner of serious things.  Remarkably, people all over the world at this very moment, believing that they are having an exclusive interview and discussion with this Mighty Solar Being.

Your Higher Self has direct access to all your thoughts and experiences.  This is why, people who have grown up in a life or society that has been influence by Christianity, almost always have as their special contact, a character from the Bible.  Similarly, those with a Hindu background “see” and “talk” to Hindu religious characters and so on.  If religion is not your thing, you will likely have contact from an “enlightened” extra terrestrial or from a long vanished race of obscure Egyptian Pharaohs.

Where the Higher Self is not the culprit, other astral beings are always happy to step up and be whoever they sense you will respond to, as long as they can extract some emotional charge from you, be that pride or be that fear.  These Astral beings are skilled at appealing to your ego’s need for approval/love/self esteem and milk this for all it is worth.  Generally, these beings understand more than you and so they can easily stay one step ahead.  However, whenever you begin to gain insight and increase the difficulty of your questions, the answers immediately become complex, long winded and less satisfactory.  It at this point that you receive the impression that this is your fault, as you are not yet able to understand such advanced knowledge – thus furthering the illusion that the Astral being is superior to yourself.

Once again let us say to you that if you were indeed inferior and of little use to them, they would not need your energy, and they would not need to urge you to maintain contact with them.

Now a brief word about the dark side.  The following information is not provided so that you will feel a sense of fear, but rather that through knowing the Truth, you can reduce and even avoid the need to be afraid.  With right knowledge, you need never, ever be afraid, again.

Many people do not even know that there are malevolent entities and energies that are dominating and influencing this planet and humanity.  Evil exists at all levels to various degrees within both of the pyramids that were shown before.  However, it seeks to keep itself hidden because if you are fooled into thinking that it doesn’t exist, you will likely attribute the outcomes of it’s unholy interference to something else – like bad luck or bad karma.

Another unfortunate outcome of the New Age movement is that many of its proponents actually teach that there is no such thing as Evil.  And indeed they further tout that those who “see” evil are just lowly developed souls who won’t see evil once they become “enlightened”.  Just because you refuse to acknowledge something doesn’t mean it ceases to exist.  However, you cannot combat and avoid something that you don’t even believe is there.  Evil on the other hand, can keep attacking you ad infinitum whether you believe in its existence or not.

We raise this issue now, because it’s not uncommon that once you begin to wake up to the fact that you have been tricked into staying in this prison called Earth and that you’d actually like to go Home, the dark side will likely take an interest in your new approach to life.  More than the lightworkers who are just motivated by self-interest, the dark side has bigger things at stake and desperately does not want you to go home.  Following the Fall of Mankind, yes that one talked about in the Bible and other religious works, evil or what is correctly known as the Luciferic consciousness, was cut off from the tree of life (Divine Energy).  You, believe it or not have a Divine Spark of God within yourself that is capable of producing and eternal pulse of energy and for every Spark that returns home, the Dark side grows weaker.  If everybody went Home, this undivine universe and every evil being within it, would cease to exist.

This is useful information to know for the following reason.  Some people who begin to understand this knowledge may then have sudden thoughts of fear that something terrible might happen to them.  An impending yet undefined doom.  Others might have someone crash into their car or find an object that they own, gets broken.  Their computer might start to have mysterious problems.   These things generally happen whenever you are undecided about which way you should proceed.  The dark side likes to scare you into taking the path that leads away from Home.  Hence, an attack is a good thing in that it often confirms that you are making the right decision.  However, the dark side does not generally want to harm you or worse, as it needs you.  Hence, there is a remarkable amount of bluffing going on and evil is a very good poker player.

Now for another important point.  This one involves free will.  Your free will is so powerful that even God respects it and allows you to reject Him and ignore Him.  Evil plays by no rules except this one.  Tell it to leave, have nothing to do with it and Evil will have to abide.  There is an esoteric law which states “what you focus upon grows”.  Now that you have a basic understanding about the dark side you would be well advised to think nothing of it.  The more you focus upon it, the more it becomes drawn to you.  Some of you may have astral abilities for dealing with such situations.  We are well aware of the many skills that exist amongst Astral warriors and would say to you what Christ said – “resist not evil”.  This simple maxim is actually quite complex but also extremely powerful.  It means that you should not engage in any fights with evil and this is particularly true of Astral fights/battles/wars.  If you feel that you must fight evil in order to protect yourself or others, we would question as to why you have the need to protect.  Protecting something always means that there is a fear of something being lost/injured/killed.  Evil is telepathic and will always seek to exploit your fears for it can “see” them.  However, the true warrior, like the Samurai of old, enters a state of “No Mind” where all outcomes are left to God.  In Truth we tell you this – the most powerful form of protection is surrender to God. In the heat of the moment, yield in total surrender by placing the outcome in the hands of God and let Him determine the outcome of the battle.  Care not for yourself.  In such moments of Faith, comes great action and much spiritual growth as well as an energy that can never be defeated by evil. In saying all of this, we also acknowledge that this is an advanced state and one that requires further discussion.  Whilst we cannot go into this further on this topic with such a brief article, we would be happy to talk further about this topic should you feel inclined to enquire.