Who is making the greater sacrifice?

10-03-2019 00:00

Who is making the greater sacrifice: the true follower, or the one who finds The Teaching and then chooses to remain enamored of the natural life of limitation and suffering? 

From one perspective, the follower who goes on to Realize Self-Dissolving and Incarnation made no Sacrifices in his life, because all he Sacrificed was merely the stuff and ways of limitation and suffering. His life does not seem to be one of Sacrifice, when considering the outcome is the Realization and Incarnation of God Himself. 

Think about it for a moment: is it better to hold to the stuff and ways of limitation, darkness, and suffering, or is it better to invite and allow the Incarnation of Freedom, Light, and Bliss? Does the question and choice really require much thought? Do you really need to go through a belabored decision-making process?

On the other hand, the person who discovers My one Way of Freedom and then rejects It, is sacrificing God Himself in favor of continued limitation, darkness, and suffering. Again, and as irrational as it seems, that is indeed good enough for almost all people.  

Sri Dava Prakasha