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Much has been said about de forthcoming transformations on Earth with respect to the planet and human mankind and which will induce all kind of changes in our life. Each individual will be asked to make new choices as our planet Earth is preparing herself to take her former position again as “the jewel of the solar system” during a very natural though extremely important cyclic transformation which marks the bearing of this new Aquarian Age. Our planet Earth invites all life to participate in this transformation. Mankind however is currently being offered a separate invitation for this great Passion Play, simply due to the free will, which has been granted to humanity. For human mankind must decide for themselve

All of the old will fade away, will dissolve and a New World is dawning. In fact this new World is already waiting as a little paradise for the New Man. Those who are ready and have prepared themselves appropriately may take the ride along the whole transmutation and may inhabit the New World or – if they wish and sincerely tread the Path of Righteousness – they may find their original Inheritance and find ultimately Liberation.

A Call has been given to humanity to prepare themselves for those huge changes. To find themselves a new positive attitude and to Seek. It means to uncompromisingly focus forward and upward, to search for relevant information and to Seek for the True Self. Consequently changes will take place in each personal and spiritual life. Only one answer will be expedient upon this reaching out by the Christhierarchy and this is TO TRUST and TO SURRENDER.

To Prepare for the Change

We are living in magnificent times. At this moment opportunities are being offered to mankind’s spiritual consciousness which may unfold in unprecedented way: a whole civilisation may ascend. He who ventures on the new road, he started a precious Seeking in order to inform himself and to fill his heart. If one is stepping forward to Seek, he will realise deep down in all his vehicles that answers will be given. If he is responding to the Call, he may see himself prepare himself and to listen to this new “silent voice” within, who is whispering and wanting to tell something. By seeking the origin of all life, answers will begin to unfold themselves and one gradually perceives that all around him is but one of the multifarious aspects of the whole Creation. He will find that apart from this current world there are far more other worlds, created by the same Spirit, and he will come to the profound understanding that there is a Divine Kingdom beyond all worlds of Creation. And then an urge is ultimately settling in him to find the way back and to find the UNION with God’s Love. A True re-uniting after a long time. It is an urge to Return HOME.

The first step upon our new path is to positively respond to this Call and hence to adopt a new attitude. Consequently a process of Seeking and surrendering will begin. An inner quest and outer seeking start and after a certain time it will become clear to us that a process of changes will set in, leading to detach, of letting go common and yet unknown things. In order to stay balanced such a process requires Trust and Faith. A great variety of changes will take place in our life and around us. Not too surprisingly all is releasing and all seem to become erratic. During our Seeking it will appear that sometimes most unpleasant events do occur. Which was familiar to us, is slipping away and we cannot hold it anymore. It may even seem that our castles are tumbling down and that our dreams which we harboured may dissolve completely. Those phenomena are but illusions; they are nothing but consequences of our choice to prepare and Seek. All those changes are introduced by a higher Intelligence as an answer to our Seeking. This Intelligence is guiding us. Guiding to ushering in next changes and to also prepare our new spirit to keep moving on those changes by itself later on. We must let go the old in order to make place for the New.

In our growing awareness we will also see that this world is not what it appears to be. It will feel like we are kept prison in a state of consciousness which has nothing to do with Reality, with the True consciousness. This world appears to be a huge stage on which we are playing out a game, a great Play, like puppets on a string. And consequently a feeling rises up that this world is not our world anymore and ultimately we feel that this process of changing is in fact a process of purification leading to a culmination point of becoming empty. However in this fallen world, our True Self, being as an aspect of God, a divine spark, is clothed in a common physical body provided with a personality and ego, which are the necessary instruments for this world, and it will become clear to us that in the process of purifying and changing, the ego is an tremendous impediment in our yearning to become completely empty. The ego cannot accompany us with the forthcoming transformations and it is part of the purifying process to also let go our ego. Only the pure in heart, without karmic seeds, without the ego and the spirit being completely stripped, may pass the portal to the New World.

Changes and Trust

In this quest leading us into a process of changes and tests, two words are emerging: FAITH and TRUST. Trusting the changes, trusting our neighbour, trusting our True Self and so Trusting God, who is always here when one sees. It is Faith through we feel that our seeking is rightful and that changes and tests in our life are vital in this process, and that we may accept these changes joyfully within the process of detachment helping us to transcend the old man into the New Man. When we understand this, True FAITH rises up:

From the “New Gnosis”:

The key to this Path is Faith.

In our modern times, faith is a worn-out and dead principle. We understand by it the acceptance or the confession of a certain dogma and one is said to be believing in an orthodox way if such an acceptance refers to heavy fundamentalist doctrines, or broad and very liberal in the reverse case. And thus one is believing in different tunes or, possibly, unbelieving. But the Holy Language of all ages makes it clear to us that faith is not the confession or the acceptance of a dogma or of a church, a school or a god, but real Faith refers to the possession of something of which one must be wholly conscious. It is also stressed that such a possession should be experienced in the heart- sanctuary, that it should dwell in the heart, or in other words that the divine spark should be brought to life. Before this spark is awakened, there can be no question of faith, for the true meaning of the word 'faith' is Knowing; it is not a speculative thing based on belief or hopeful grasping. There can be no such thing as 'blind faith'. Without true Faith, then, everything spiritual is only dualistic speculation, imitation, fallen religion. On the other hand, we shall find that based on true Faith, the seven conditions of which Peter speaks will be understood in a totally new sense.”

Real Faith is based upon “Knowing”. It is a deeply rooted Trust in our own Path, a Trust, which gives Love and receives Love at the same time. It is the most joyful step to begin with: to venturing a new chosen Path and SURRENDERING ourselves in this journey of Seeking. It marks the most striking phase in our whole life. That moment in our time-bound existence in duality that stimulated our decision to open ourselves, wanting to Truly see, experiencing Reality and wishing to understand True Life. It marks the beginning of our quest for our True Self. An adventure in which we will come to understand that just being nice and kind for each other is this world is not sufficient anymore. One needs Trust for these steps. To Trust that all is but the very beginning of a sequence of right choices.

For did we not say in the beginning that human mankind must face choices? But is he prepared for this and is he bold enough to do so? Is he willing to venture on another road? Is he really willing to search for issues which are so different from all common things within the treadmill of his social and business life and to accept the “risk” that friends may look at him compassionately though with non-understanding eyes? Does he have Faith? Does he understand that he might be tested? Does he also realise that there are opposing forces which immediately will come after him endeavouring to help him drop these alien, queer thoughts? Those forces which do not want him to Seek and perhaps find the Truth. He will be approached in all conceivable ways.

Indeed, when someone chooses to seek, there may be the “risk” that friends will leave him. He will encounter seemingly “bad lucks” in love or in other private and business situations which MAY revert his initial Trust. Or he may be allured by beautiful things which will come his way or his business over sudden is going extremely well. Either he may encounter unpleasant situations or he may encounter multifarious but distracting allurements. Nothing will be left alone if it can be used to undermine his Faith in something True, which can be used to draw him down into suspicion and distrust, which are common patterns in this dualistic world full of ego’s and bound to competition. Sounds familiar, hmm? Without inner Faith, the sincere seeker may fall down again into his old and familiar conceptions of life and he may reject any changing.

To be prepared for change means that we must make intelligent and well informed choices. And those changes are prerequisite. We will not atrophy by the changes in our life; on the contrary, we will loose and fall down again if we reject change. The planet is our leading spirit exemplifying what is needed. She demonstrates what those change really means to us and how this can be accepted with Love. By choosing to change we will find ourselves within a process of being purified in order to let go all that is of the old and which is not true and not pure, all that will be a hindrance in our quest. It is a readiness, an alacrity to detach, willing to let go EVERYTHING of the past and of common life. This might indeed be relations, friends, parents, paid labour, church, philosophies, our ideas of society, even spiritual concepts, name it. All attachments must be untied. [Matth 19:29 ]: Everyone who has left houses, or brothers, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, will receive one hundred times, and will inherit eternal life.

Nothing will be forgotten, everything is bound to change. Are we prepared for this? Do we TRUST and do we have Faith for the ultimate positive end of this adventure?


Trust, a new Attitude.

During the coming tribulations much will be transformed and all that is New will emerge. The society, the economy, the state structures and our life patterns will fade away and disappear and we may even expect a different image and environment of our planet Earth. Only those who prepared themselves and are able to see with different eyes will transform in line with the planetary changes. For they are aware of the New. Those who did not choose to prepare, those who wished to remain ignorant, they may expect a multitude of troubles, for they cling to the old and did not trust the new signals and so were not aware of the alternative. They could not trust enough to venture forth and Seek and detach and change.

There is only one way to find our Trust. We have to focus up in a way diametrically to our common view in this dualistic world. We have to look forward and to look up to something which is calling us enticingly and which is attracting our confidence. It is something, which we cannot reason, something that is dwelling in our heart. Something that is not of this world, it would not fit in this world of noisy, clamorous ego’s playing out all kind of egodrama’s in a so familiar way. It is something that sings in your and my heart and admitting the trust to let go when necessary. It is something that is truly divine. It is something, which fits in the New World where everything feels natural. A New World that we spoke about, or even beyond that; a place where we will feel Home. It is a world for which our heart is yearning. It is a world of Trust and Faith. And we will become aware that this Something, this New World is our True Nature; it is God who calls us and touches our divine spark.

If this divine spark has been touched it will help us integrate this new attitude of Seeking and Trusting. We will then see that changing has nothing to do with introducing risks, yet is only offering surprises. For there do not exist such things as risks. The thought-currents of our ego may confuse us of such, however if we stay centred and keep focussed upon God, we can create our reality positively and we become able to transform fear and suspicion if we want to. The paradigm of fear and suspicion which always follows our thought-currents when thinking in terms of risks, can be changed in a new paradigm of curiosity when we allow our thinking that only events of surprises will fill our lives. “Energy follows thought” and even our old habits of thought will get the opportunity to also change. Fear is an illusion born from the deluded ego who considers other people as separate beings and who values changes as risks. In this way it becomes clear that we are measuring according to old standards. With this behaviour humanity keeps the attitude of desiring to control, to dominate, and in this way to maintain this world.

Yet this world and all current circumstances are about to dissolve soon. So WHAT is there left to control and dominate? That which is no more? Do we realise that if we put ourselves back to the wall and hold fast, we actually withhold ourselves to flow with the current and hence we crystallise into a rock, a stumbling-block bearing up against a stream, becoming soon enough a torrential flood? So, again why not to let go, why not to flow with the current? And trust that everybody has a inner and built-in life-belt!! If one does not feel this, then there is but one conclusion: his divine spark has not been touched. As a result there will remain a lack of trust, a lack of confidence. One does not feel any Trust in the New Life, one is not able to trust his neighbour, there is no trust in the coming changes and one has no confidence in the opportunity to rise. In short, one cannot overcome his fear, simply because he was not able to open his heart!! He must acknowledge this fact that his fear is prevailing and that his little self is confused. This ego, this little self, which we also may let go in joy.

As it is God who initiates all cyclic changes, it is also God’s Love which is guiding us upon our Path. If only we could become empty and allow His love to encompass us with Faith, expressing the New Attitude, which is so completely different from what we were used to in this grey dualistic world where everything is a product of distrust and competition, all will become smooth. By placing Trust in our doing and thinking, we will become innocent and children again. Do we understand that if our divine spark can be touched, we would be able to generate Faith in order to allow the whole world to change? At that very moment we may become receptive for God’s Love and it will be clear for us that any lack of Trust will draw us back in separateness, into the previous paradigms of fear and suspicion. The fear of being hurt and the pain. The frightened ego that thinks that the changing circumstances do present risks.

All we need to walk the Path is a new attitude of Seeking and to acquire Faith and Trust, which starts by trusting our neighbour, trusting life and trusting any changes and turbulence coming to us. Those are the qualities, which enable us to TRUST GOD. What does that mean? It means, when we are able to put trust as our priority, we enable us to love Him and to love all what is coming to us. If we put trust in accepting changes in our life, we are able to Love the New Life, because God IS the New Life and God IS our neighbour. God’s Love shows us that all of life are but His aspects, and how would we be able to ignore and not to love all those invaluable aspects of God? By emptying ourselves and admit Trust, we may drink from this inexhaustible fountain of Love, allowing all we that do and may encounter in our life - including the way people might treat us - will be transcended into Love and Trust. This is what really matters in this process of change. Only the process of change itself and the moment of the Now are effecting us. For all those changes and tests occur in the Now in which one comes to float, to surf on the waves, to raft through the cataracts of a rapidly flowing river.

Did you ever travel to a foreign country, where you have never been before? Where all has a different smell, with another climate, where there are no signposts directing you smoothly? Where we observe a vastness, where there are no villages or houses to find in direct neighbourhood? Feeling vague in your belly? A feeling that all is different and that you are left to your own devices? That you have to do it all by yourself? Well then, this is exactly what this journey of discoveries and changes is all about. It is the searching for this “silent voice”, to discover your own intuition and to surrender to it. To completely trusting this “sense” other than you are used to. To TRUST IS TO SURRENDER. To trust is to follow your inner sense and to surrender to it. Surrender to God and all that is governing life. And then you may ultimately see that you are preparing yourself and are willing to empty and let go the old and all that currently fills your life.

To Trust is to Love

To put one’s trust and Faith in all we encounter in life, we are opening our heart and love may be received. To Seek and to Trust are the basic qualities of the new attitude required in the new Age. And universal Love may eventually find his place. Therefore to TRUST ALSO IS TO LOVE. Life does not punish, life is full of surprises even in our miserable dualistic life. To trust in letting go is to make a step toward God who manifests Himself in all life and is waiting for us to move. To Trust is the yearning to return to God’s Love as the only Purpose of life. And this is made possible NOW in these unprecedented times where we may look forward in confidence to all the changes we may encounter. To Trust is vital in order to tread the Path in righteousness and to Seek the only Purpose in Life. The Path which will lead us to Liberation and Union and which will offer us the opportunity to move forward with the planet; to continue and to take up our place as the New Man.

It is Trust that will impel you to unconditionally accept all the great changes and tests occurring in your life; to accept that those changes will serve a purpose for humanity and so for you and will put you somewhere, which you agreed before you incarnated. It is Trust that you found your way in Love and fully accepted that this journey will bring you to your True Self who will rise as a New Sun and will emanate warmth and Love. Do Trust that all that manifests in your life is divine and that He is here to Love. Do Trust that God Loves you and that He will come to you if you so choose to Seek Him. You may really Trust that if your True Self wishes so, You may reach for the One and True Purpose in your life: in serving humanity to build up a New World and to ultimately become One with God’s Love; the True Liberation through transfiguration. It is our divine spark who will inherently know that to Trust is to Surrender and to Love in order to become united with God’s Love.


The Fellowship, 21st July 2001