The Second Advent of Christ

18-12-2015 00:00

by Beinso Douno

"The Living Christ is manifestation of God, manifestation of Love. There neither in the outer Cosmos, not in the inner mystic depth of the soul, a more comprehensive manifestation of Love, than the one that we personify in Christ. Christ with his coming to the earth wanted to visualize the Divine Love. He could not express it in word. Not only before Christ, but after Christ as well there was no person having greater Love than His. This is what Christ wanted – to express the Divine Love and to bring it to the earth. Christ imported Love into the world. Christ came to the Earth in order to bring Love. He is Love. 

By saying Christ, I understand a Being, which has overwhelming Love to humankind and wants to transfer to humanity what valuable the Being has in its Self. This is the purpose of Christ. 

As the energy of the Sun does not reach us directly, but passes through the etheric space, similarly Divine Love reaches people through Christ, Who appears to be a herald of Love. Christ can be partly likened to the beautiful and luminous image of the Sun.

He is the Great inspirator of all the revelations during all times! He is the invisible driving force of the entire spiritual Life of humankind. He endured profanations, blows, the cross, the nails, the spears. With the flame of Love he melted the arms of violence. And His attempt turned out a success. During His coming two thousand years ago Christ shwed to us only the one side of His image. We see Christ in humiliation and grief, in suffering and trials. We see Him as a hero of redemption. People do not know yet Christ in His glory, in His Divine power and might. Mighty and powerful is Christ now.

In the past Christ’s hand was pierced with nails, but today nobody can pierce this hand with nails – they will instantly melt.

In the past Christ was crucified, but today there is no tree big enough where He can be crucified. Christ cannot be crucified once again.

This Christ is coming now to visit human minds and hearts. He will destroy all the prisons; will obliterate all the false teachings – all which destroys the human mind and heart, which instils confusion and lack of principles, which cripples human Life. Christ will visit every person. He is the Living Christ, Who imparts Life, Light and Freedom for all souls, Who inspires and generates Love to everything. When we say that Christ is coming now, some think that He will come from the outside. Christ won’t come from the outside. He will not appear either in human or in any other form whatsoever. When the rays of the Sun enter your home, does this mean that Sun has visited you? Remember that Christ is a manifestation of the Love of God. And He will come as an internal Light in the minds and hearts of the people. This Light will attract everybody around Christ as a great Centre. The opening of the human minds and hearts and the receiption of Christ from within - this will be the Second Advent of Christ on earth. He will preach above all the great science of Love and the methods how to apply it. He will preach the path of pupilship, brotherhood and service. Because this is what the law of evolution requires nowadays.

Prepare to meet Christ! Prepare so that everybody in one’s time can meet Christ. Put on your new clothes. For some Christ will come even today, for others – tomorrow, still for others – in years. You will see Him when you are prepared. Receive Christ in your hearts as a friend, and in your mind – as Teacher. Christ is now working.

The urge will gradually penetrate into human beings and will take over guidance during the further development of the humankind. We are now stillin the beginning of all this.

In the future Christianity – and not the external, official Christianity, but the mystic esoteric Christianity – will become a world religion for the whole humankind. Christ will be placed in the centre of the New culture."

"Love as a great principle should be manifested in the human soul and only then can become one with Christ. One thing is required from all the people – to get in touch with Christ. Once you unite with Him, he will be with you till the end of times. He is a door leading human beings from the transient to the intransient, from the visible to the invisible, from hatred to Love. When you experience His Love, your earthly life will gain meaning. Your mind will enlighten, you will perceive the Light of the New life and will begin to understand. Only under such circumstances will you get to know the relation existing between Love and Life, between Wisdom and Light and between the Truth and Freedom. Until we, human beings, become one with Christ, i.e. until your thoughts, feelings and deeds become One with Him. The world will not be set right.

I am talking to you about the Living Christ, about that Christ, Who bears in His Self Life, Who nears the living Knowledge and Light, Who bears the Truth and Freedom. About that Christ, Who brings all the methods how to construct Intelligent Life. He is the Great Christ, Who is called the Head of the Great Universal Brotherhood. This Christ must be known by people today. It is Him, whom they have to see – to see Him and to know Him. Because many want to persuade us that without seeing Christ and without knowing Him internally, we can be true Christians. However, I argue that if one cannot see Christ, nothing can come out of such a person. If you are in harmony with Christ, your consciousness will wake up, you will see Him. Christ is coming to the world with His Intelligence and Love. Christ is already coming to the Earth to bring Divine Love for all the people. He will teach people to self-sacrifice and to Love. He brings Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Freedom! The Light of Christ penetrates everywhere!"


Text for The Second Advent of Christ from Master Beinsa Douno. Published in “The Master”,  Sofia 2005, ISBN 954-744-050-0,  p. 394-396

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