The Reality of the End Times

20-05-2016 00:00

A man cannot change his way of life by changing his clothes nor by speaking with a different voice. To change basically, permanently and meaningfully he must reach down into himself and pluck himself out by the roots.

A man cannot lose his fear by telling himself that he is not afraid and believing it or pretending to be a lightworker full of 'light and love'. He must know his fear; see it, feel it, and accept it. Then, if he does that which he is afraid to do, says that which he is afraid to say, thinks that which he is afraid to think, sees that which he is afraid to see and knows that which he is afraid to know, he has no fear, for by making known what was unknown or only half known, he discovers his basic invulnerability.

The Truth is for those who want to break away from the futile human pattern of seeing reality as it is not and thereby living a lie, to abandon the anaesthetic of ignorance and suppression within which man cocoons himself and to embrace the intensity of Reality as it is.

If we are part of humanity, identified with humanity, in sympathy with humanity, we are doomed.

If we attempt to save humanity from its doom, we shall fail, because humanity has chosen its doom and has shown its unwillingness to reverse its choice.

Our only valid course of action is to detach from humanity, climb out of the quagmire of its lies, its hypocrisy, its blind desire for its own destruction, discover the Truth and enter Eternity.

But is it enough to break the links on the surface, to rebel against the superficial manifestations of a deeply rooted corruption? Is it enough to say, “I am not one of you?”

How deep is our conviction?

If the world is to blow itself up, shall we escape the cataclysm by removing ourselves to an island? By no means. Although we have no link with the mainland above the level of the sea, the link is strong and permanent below, and if we think the water separates us effectively, we deceive ourselves.

So it is with our links to the collective human consciousness. We can protest and separate ourselves, act differently, put on spiritual airs, proclaim 'love and light', openly reject the normally accepted values of humanity, but how deep does it go?

For most not very. Below the level of our conscious cries of revolt, lurking in the hidden depths of the mind, powerful and deep-rooted, are links as solid as the ocean bed, that bind us to the human predicament.

Consciously we are detached. Unconsciously we are part of, identified with, immersed in, submerged by the futile tragedy of the human game.

It is our futile tragedy, whether we like it or not, because unconsciously we have made it ours.

If we are ready to break the links we ourselves have created, we must dive down into the depths and find them, bring them to the surface and examine them, know them, understand them. For as long as we keep them hidden, and as long as we pretend to ourselves that they are not there, as long as we on our island imagine we have severed all contact with the mainland, the links will continue to bind us, and at the end, far from finding that we are free of the agony of man’s destruction as a race, we shall find ourselves part of it, as horrified to see his image crumble, as dismayed to discover the hollowness of his vision of himself, as the most convinced conformist.

For at that time all superficial differences will vanish, all conscious disagreements will cease to apply, and what will emerge will be the basic realities, the basic agreements, the basic identifications. And if we have let these remain as we originally created them within ourselves, there will be no escape. Humanity’s doom will be our doom. Humanity’s damnation of itself will be the damnation of ourselves.

We shall be like men who invest in the beginning of a project, sink all they have in its original creation, and then forget they have a stake in its success. When all looks black and nothing can be done to avert catastrophe, they opt out, but because they have forgotten, they fail to break the ties that bind their fortune to the fortune of the project. So that when the end comes, they find themselves inextricably involved with the disaster.

So we must break our links, sever our ties, plumb the depths of our unconsciousness, and cut the bonds, which we’ve bound ourselves.

And there isn’t much time. The distant rumblings that are heralds of the end of this cycle have become a mighty roar closing in about us, piercing our eardrums and causing the very Earth to quake beneath our feet, so that very soon even the blindest, numbest, most oblivious of us will no longer be able to shut out the sound of it.

By then the whole world will be stricken by the sound of its own approaching doom. Every man will gaze in horror at his fellow man, and see his own fear reflected back to him.

And by then we must be free if we are to move forward under Grace. By then the bonds that bound us must be broken, and we must stand above the terror of the end, aloof, detached, a part of something New.

For every end there is a new beginning, and if we are not of the end, then we shall be of the New Beginning. Either we shall be the ashes of the Phoenix, or his resurrection from the ashes. If we care about the death of the Phoenix, then we shall be his ashes, but if we are detached and see the cycle of which his death is but a part, then we shall be his resurrection.

And those who care for the human race, those who would preserve it in all its hopeless degradation and irreversible decay, they shall die with it, they shall feel the burning disappointment of the last days, they shall feel despair, they shall know the horror of a lie exposed too late, they shall feel the fires of destruction within their souls. And they shall die because they could not die. They shall be destroyed because they would not be destroyed. They shall suffer agony because they would not feel agony. They shall see the utter devastation of their race because they would not see it.

For he that looks for salvation in the world looks for a glowing ember in the sea. He that clings to the coat tails of mankind and seeks to be carried up to heaven in its wake, shall find himself in hell.

For though we are in this world, we shall find no truth in the bounds it sets itself, no right within the rules by which it lives. We must be of another world, another set of laws, another code, a world where black and white are seen for what they are, not merged into the lie of murky grey, swallowed blindly and then forgotten.

If love is what we seek we must know hate. If joy is what we pursue then we must find sorrow and feel it. If harmony is our ideal then strife and conflict we must serve in order to find it.

No pendulum can swing only in one direction. And if we have run away from pain, then we have denied ourselves the rights of pleasure. And if we have hidden our faces from the hideous facts of war, then we have taken away the gentle harmony of peace from our experience. And if we have shut our eyes and ears and hearts to ugliness, then we can never know beauty. And if to be safe we have cut ourselves off from the black side of reality, or if we have linked ourselves with the mass decision of humanity to see God and the Universe as all loving, all forgiving, and all light, then we have checked for ourselves the pendulum and denied ourselves Reality, settling for the meaningless delusion, the lie in which the human race has become so terribly lopsided.

We have set our own seal upon man's general seal, and by agreement linked ourselves with the fortunes of humanity. And if we leave the seal intact we leave the link, and if we leave the link we go with the rest, we run with the pack, and if we go with the rest we die with the rest and are bound for at least another cycle to the lie we clung to for security in ignorance, our awareness dulled by the anaesthetic of our own denial and spiritual torpor.

To awaken to Reality means to first open our eyes in stark and agonizing awareness of the twisted, inverted nature of the code we stand by. Like a man who is blind, and lives surrounded by the most hideous ugliness imaginable, and then suddenly one day he can see, and the horror of what he sees is unbearable, and he cannot change it and neither can he become blind again.

So before the end of this present cycle, when all accounts are settled and the shackles that still bind us because we have not had the courage to break them asunder, are fixed for the next term of incarnations, before the time that must soon come, when the choice is no longer ours and the game is over, we must make the choice that still remains, whether to join the throng and throw in our lot with humanity's lie, whether to be one of the self-deluded optimists who see the race rising towards a magnificent destiny on the wings of scientific progress, who see centuries of hatred and violence that show no signs of abating as no more than the unfortunate driftwood floating on the surface of our civilization, and who see man as a pillar of strength and wisdom, plotting his path unerringly towards ultimate fulfillment, whether like the ostrich to hide our heads in the sand and hope the 'Day of Judgment' will pass us by; or whether to open our eyes and see the game of which we chose to be a part, see it in all its helpless futility, careering blindly and irrevocably towards its inevitable fate.

And if we choose the latter, then we must lay bare our souls, expose our own futilities, our own lies, our own distorted agreements that at present bind us to the destiny of the mass of mankind, and we must rip the lies to pieces and so be free of them.

And to do this we must go to the root of the lies, the basis of them, we must find the point at which we chose to invert the Truth in order to be safe. We-must find the first rejection, the first distortion, the first denial of what we knew. We must know ourselves, reach deep down into the very core of our being, grasp whatever we find there, though it be the foulest and most hideous travesty of that which is Sacred, and bring it before our ruthless but honest scrutiny.

And after we have scrutinised ourselves to the core and so have come to know the nature and extent of each lie, we will also know the key to its elimination. We know the truth behind it, and in the face of such knowledge no lie can continue to exist. But so long as we remain in ignorance of the lie, as long as we continue to hide the lie behind human, conditional love, the lie remains and clings like a limpet, unrelenting.

And when the approaching day comes and the human race begins the final phase of its disintegration, then shall those who have clung to the lie through lifetimes of self-imposed blindness and ignorance, be dazzled by the Truth. And in terror they will try to separate themselves from the lie, which now in the light of Truth becomes like fire to their souls. And because they have not sought to know the lie and cast it out but have clung to it, now shall it cling to them, and they shall not be rid of it, though it give them the ultimate anguish and though they cry for mercy. For theirs is the heritage of shamanity, and they shall carry it with them into the next chapter in the book of suffering.

But those who have found the lie when there was still time, and have seen and embraced the Truth behind it and thus destroyed the lie, they shall go on, not in the blind spiritual agony of doomed humanity, but to the new cycle of the risen Phoenix.

And a new creation shall begin. New laws shall rule the players of a new game. New worlds shall be created.

Truth is revealed through an awareness of Reality, and an awareness of Reality cannot be procured by the self; first what is NOT True needs to be frankly acknowledged. The ego can only know what is NOT True, for the very nature of ego is falsehood. Facts are nothing; they are the material of statisticians. But Reality is the true nature of a being; the Will, the Purpose, the Knowledge, the Experience of a spark of Spirit breathed into being by God to fulfill a function.

Each being is a separate entity, and yet a part of Him who gave it its existence. Each being has a nature all its own, yet all are centered on the Will of their Creator, like spokes that radiate from a hub. And each has Truth within its grasp, through Knowledge of itself, through Gnosis.

And the wheel turns and the spokes flash fire in the sunlight, and life begins.

And there is movement, a pattern, a phase of evolution, a cycle, a sequence. Each phase follows from the last and prepares the way for the next. And in the motion of the wheel there is no lie, no grating of harsh anachronism. Divine Reason permeates the smooth passage of time, and Reason is inexorable.

The wheel spins and revolution follows revolution, and the sequence is precise like the movement of the stars. And the hub remains, and the spokes branch out and circle it, and change is manifested only in the flashing spokes.

But while each spoke remains pure, bright, unsoiled, undamaged, only a flickering oscillation of light marks the passage of time. Overall the pattern stays unchanged, even within the wheel.

Only when a spoke is dulled, is bent, breaks off from the central hub, becomes entangled with its neighbor, twists itself into grotesque shapes, then begins the change, not in the motion of the wheel for that goes on with the inexorability of Reasonable  sequence, but within the wheel itself. The light is distorted. There is no longer a perfect patterned regularity in the flashing oscillations, but a limping, awkward, rhythmless parody of Truth, a broken procession of distorted images.

The wheel continues unaffected. The spokes devolve. They have lost contact with Reality, discarded it. So that within the wheel exists no Truth but a jumble of conflicting falsehoods.

Such is the creation of the human race. Each spoke the image of a living lie. Each being lost, blinded to the Nature of itself.

And men! What parodies of God's original Creation, what strange unrecognisable manifestations! What dreadful apparitions! Grotesque caricatures of original, divine Man!

Is this the race God spawned? Is this the righteous flock He created? Is this His brood? His beloved Creation? Is this the thing He fashioned in His own image, instilled with the glowing fire of Life? Is this what He placed upon a richly fertile world? Is this the precious work upon which He bestowed His Love? “WHAT HAVE I DONE!” He cries.

For the lie, like a spreading cancer, has taken root, and man has embraced it. And the world has become the lie. And the lie is the world, and the world is the lie, and man is lost in his own blind worship of the lie.

Yet beyond the caverns of the fallen mind is Truth. Truth is the Gnosis of Reality, and behind the lie of blindness, the darkness, the ignorance, the twisted images, is Light.

And Light is Gnosis, because by light we see, and by seeing we know.

Far beyond the tortuous blackness of the lie, is the dazzling brightness of Truth, the vast open spaces of the Spirit, where all is clarity, where the Reason of Creation is manifest in the perfect harmony of Function and Will, Purpose and Love, Vision and Reality; where there are no blank walls or tiny crevices, no dead-end passages or paths that circle on themselves, no gaps too narrow to pass through, no partings of the ways, imprudent choices, confusions and no death. Nor are there the terrors of mysterious sounds and voices, deceptive, echoing, seeming to come from above then from below, distant then close at hand, ahead, behind, then all about us. No lurking sound or footsteps in the dark, no false visions that appear, then disappear; no doors that are, then are not, or lead to nothing; no sudden precipices and no fantasies of hope and disappointment; none of the horrors of the lie. For there, beyond all these things, is perfect Life, a spark of which exists at the core of every man.

A man who is in alignment with and in service to this spark is as boundless in consciousness as the Spirit itself, ever as Free as it is True. But those amongst humanity who are engrossed in the lie are as nothing; husks blowing in the wind. We, fallen human beings, are the twisted members of a broken down machine; meaningless, worthless, having no part with Truth or Reality. Buried in the catacombs of self-importance, self-protection, and the fear of death, we cease to matter, we cease to justify our existence, we become vulnerable, and live the very death we fear, the death of spiritual somnambulism.

He that seeks to save his life shall lose it. For within the confines of the lie, what else would follow but a paradox, an inversion of what seems to be? Man must, therefore, lose his life, for if he feels his life is forfeit, then already he is in the bosom of the lie, and so his life is not life at all, but death, and if he seeks to preserve it he remains in death. True Life, the spark of Spirit, is indestructible. So where there is Life there is no need for protection, for there is no fear of loss.

But wayard mankind is in the midst of the great lie and it is afraid. Man wanders blindly in the darkness of his fantasies. He creates hopes and then destroys them. He casts artificial light upon the dingy walls that hem him in, gazes at them for a while, seeing an image of the light of Truth, and then plunges himself into darkness once more. He holds a mirror to his face and says, "I exist, for I can see myself". He touches his flesh, so that it calls back to him, "You are real, because you can feel". He gives himself pain, then pleasure, and then pain again, and says, "I am alive".

He hears others near him, but cannot really see them in the murky light and twisting passages of the morass of his predicament. He hears their groans, their hollow laughs, their short-lived cries of satisfaction, and their shrieks of disappointment. And he says, “We are all alive!” And he turns another corner.

He is lost, and doubly so when he thinks that he is evolving towards God. The world with all its hopes, lies and frustrations is his tomb, because he believes it to be a carriage to salvation, and so grimly stays entombed within a lie.

Fear in the heart of man; fear in the blood of man.

Fear like a burial shroud grows and envelopes the true Man, the Spirit-spark. Over countless incarnations of error it darkens the world that was once Eden, like a great thick blanket of frost it chills the soul and shuts out the inner sunshine, till nothing True is visible anymore and all is threatening, all and everything is suspected, all becomes a parody of Reality, a perpetual nightmare of birth and death, rising, glimmering, fading and dying, and there is no chink in the world of men through which even a ray of true Light might pass.

On Earth, fear now has the upper hand, rules all and carries the day. Man is the servant of fear whom he worships with greater obedience than he does God. Fear has his way with him to the ultimate extreme. Fear is the foundation of modern society and it is fear that darkens man's soul and can destroy his spirit more swiftly and completely than anything else. Fear is his master and he its slave, and fear encompasses the world.

Man is driven by fear to God. Man is driven by fear away from God.

Man is driven by fear into the stale limbo of deathliness that is neither God nor anti-God, but which is un-Godly, unholy.

Fear is the all-controlling element; the whip, the snare, the spur that cannot, must not be denied, lest it grow through fear of fear itself!

And fear feeds on the lie, for without the obscure caverns of the lie there can be no fear.

Within the all-pervading light of Truth fear cannot exist, cannot find a foot-hold. Knowledge is the enemy of fear, ignorance its greatest ally.

And ignorance is father of the lie.

And in the labyrinth of the lie that ignorance has built, stalks fear. He is everywhere lying in wait, lurking in the dark shadows of consciousness. His whispers echo from one thought-chamber to the next and blight the very souls of those who wander through the narrow twisting passages or self-deception.

And hand in hand with fear stalks his brother: guilt, and each echoes the other's cry, and both speak the same message. But fear is king, the master, and guilt the next in line to the throne of power.

And sometimes fear lurks in the back of the mind, unseen. But his effects are no less treacherous, as the mind responds unconsciously, and absurdly plunges ever deeper into the chasm of the lie, seeking respite from the threat in the very place where the threat is spawned and fostered.

And there is no respite. For the deeper a man delves into the lie, the greater his obliviousness and ignorance; the greater his fear.

And as he drives further into the murky darkness, the presence of fear grows stronger, more consuming.

And sometimes fear violently invades the consciousness of a man. The man feels him, knows him, and flees again even further into the safety of ignorance and so compounds the lie in his own life. And he shuts his eyes and closes his mind and hides his  stricken head, often pretending to be safe as he grasps at false 'light and love'. And so fear then gets pushed once more into the back of his mind, into his subconscious where it continues its work in a hidden place where it can operate without disturbance to drive the man slowly but inexorably and quite unconsciously towards his fateful destiny: death.

Man, make no mistake! This fear-bred world is not your footstool but your grave. For in it the throne of judgement and separation is the lie, and upon that throne sits fear, and beside that throne stands guilt.

And while you seek to conquer the Earth and bend it to your will, master the laws of nature, rule the atmosphere and cram the whole world into a miserable structure of your own invention, ignorance and fear dictate your every thought, desire and action.

The lie is upon you, around you and within you, and unconsciously you grovel in the blindness of its tyrannical grip.

Fear: the ultimate destroyer, the bringer of final death, the all-devourer, the torturer, the spreader of anguish, the crawling beast  of the mind, the heart, the soul, the relentless disease that defies all antidote.

For when you chose to reject your God and rule your own destiny, when you entered the portals of the domain of the lie, fear arose within you to keep you in mind of the God you had rejected; fear of death, fear of pain, fear of failure, fear of the great unknown beyond the grave. But far from using fear to remember your God you used fear to increase your rejection of your God, to force more blindness and ignorance upon yourself, to suppress and negate your emotions, cloud your awareness, and bury your knowledge of your God and your creation by Him beneath a thick crust of subterfuge, sanctimony and false, selfish religion. Over the ages you created with your fearful mind the fallen worlds of struggling birds and beasts, the hostility and distortions in the nature kingdoms, earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and all the human woes. And yet still you choose more fear in the futile plight to protect yourself from your own creations.

So for ages you have used your fear to foster the lie, as the lie evoked more and more fear in a closed and doomed circle, finally threatening the very planet with destruction. And so the downward-spiralling of perpetuated ignorance has devolved farther and farther from the light of Truth and Blessedness: the fear growing greater and the lie more complex, sophisticated and monumental. And finally the whole human race becomes lost in the endless labyrinth of falsehood, seemingly without hope of redemption.

But now comes the time of the end when the lie is being exposed by the approaching light of Truth: that great monster of falsehood that you have built around yourself out of your fear is being uncovered, ousted from its hiding place. The lie must be exposed and purged from the Earth lest the planet dies. And the lie cannot remain forever, for deep down the Truth abides eternally. The Truth is King of the Real World and it is about to reclaim its throne on Earth. Truth cannot be destroyed but only temporarily obscured as free will chooses to learn from darkness and pain.

And soon, when mankind's permit for miscreation is revoked by the Law-Maker and all is revealed, every lie will be seen for what it is as it is swept up and thrown into the Fire, so that only the kernel of stark Reality remains. This is the moment of Truth, the moment of inescapable Actuality, for which the virtuous on Earth have long awaited.

But if that moment of Revelation finds you alienated from Reality, separated in your heart from Truth, suspended outside of all that is Good and True, then that shall be your chosen fate for another cycle. The unresolved pain of the lie shall stay with you, will reincarnate with you, yet the dubious comfort of your self-created lie will be no more, it will be consumed in the Fire, and with it the presence of all fear. For where there is already the ultimate anguish, the final conclusion and fulfillment of the ultimate nightmare, what is there left to fear? When the cup of fear and lies has been drunk to the dregs and the human spirit has become totally drained of its propensity toward falsehood, where is the energy to perpetuate the lie?

Yet if the moment of Truth finds you detached from the lie, free from the ignorance of blind rejection of Grace, having journeyed back through the tortuous caverns of the mind to reach the Truth through knowledge of what really is; if that moment finds you in the light, true of heart, separated from the ties that bind shamanity to its fateful dissolution, then, though the world shall be buried  beneath the smouldering ashes of the Phoenix, you shall be a part of its resurrection. You shall rise with the new epoch and be reborn with the new Creation.

The Fellowship (Thenewcall)