The need of this time

14-04-2016 00:00

Cyclically in the past there have been periods of potential redemption, where Love incarnates in human form to bless the world and open up the Way for those fledgling aspirants, those ripe for the Harvest. Mighty souls have, at the conclusion of every age, pierced the great clouds that enshroud the planetary sphere, sending ripples of destructive and potentially illuminating force throughout the occult prison that is Earth. But the end times event of today marks a drastic change in the reappearance of Love upon Earth. The effectiveness of Love, manifesting before our eyes and yet still remaining apparently separate, has become obsolete. Consequently, divine fiat has taken an evolved position, one suited to the needs of the times; Grace takes a stance of merciful imposition, and deems it necessary, for nothing less than a torrential influx of divine Will Force can shake apart the knotted matter that binds Gaia and her human children. Thus, it has been ordained that Love will come from within and not as an external guru or saviour in these last days, and Christ looks upon every human temple as a place of potential residence.

Unfortunately, amidst the climatic throes of the Kali Yuga [the Dark Age], few amongst the race are prepared to receive such Grace in fullness. All the realms of Earth, from the dense physical realm to the subtle realm of thought, have been polluted to the point of saturation by a humanity that fails to understand the unwholesome implications of their more subtle activities. It takes a strong vision and a determined focus to pierce the black clouds that have congealed within the Earth’s atmosphere. Constant vigilance is required to shield ones eyes from the stinging rain that falls endlessly (and most mercilessly upon true aspirants). Therefore, the need is great for a united effort and the cultivation of a genuine Seeking attitude amongst those potentials for the true Harvest, the quintessence of whose efforts being the positive reception of divine Will and the manifestation of divine Love.

Just as a sword hacks through the choking vines of a jungle, and just as the doctor surgically removes any hindrance to well being, the Will of God, the Father energy, approaches Earth in these times, removing all that is not in alignment with It. An inescapable 'Inner Armageddon' confronts each man, and every poison must be brought to the surface to be expunged from the human microcosm, regardless of whether the ancient warnings to prepare have been heeded or not. No leniency may be shown towards well-intentioned complacency, as the situation becomes increasingly a matter of 'black and white'. There can be no gray area.

Perhaps now the great need of the times may be perceived? Perhaps you also feel the overwhelming urgency to aid in the work of sounding the Call, that mankind may be nourished with a harmonious and illumined understanding, and so benefit from the coming tidal waves of Grace? There is not a single one, standing on the steps leading into the vibratory 'halls' of a Gnostic order, who does not bear the mark of a potential candidate for Service, one who serves God in man. The honor of being amongst the ranks of the genuine harbingers is great, the responsibilities great, and the deeds issuing forth from such ones are undoubtedly witnessed by the Highest.

Selflessness is key, since it is the personal self that is targeted for dissolution. There is salvation in Service, and by Serving others we nourish the growing Christ-child, the new soul, in all. Service, the holy act of Giving, is synonymous with receiving since there is but one Soul that Gives, one Soul that receives, and one Soul that will be left standing when the conclusion of these fiery days is manifest.

Signs of tension are becoming outwardly more prevalent on an increasing level as man holds on with a white-knuckled grip in desperate denial and an unfortunate misunderstanding of this, his deepest need. It is important for every aspirant to understand the necessity of this destruction, and the urgent need to prepare and to help others prepare. The flaming sword approaches, and in the foreground the Earth is seen to take the shape of a global initiation chamber. Look to what rides upon the wake of the coming destruction and be vigilant in Service, for Love follows closely upon the Sword and seeks to fill to the brim and moreover the cups of those left standing; those ones abdicated before the gates of Death and the portal that leads unto Life.

The following summary might be called, 'The Song of Love and the War Cry of divine Will!':

Love is never imposing.

Love is neutral.

Love sacrifices everything for the greater good.

Just as it has done on Earth cyclically for ages and ages and ages.

But there comes a time on a planet of darkness and at the cusp of an age, when the Logos wearies of the spreading cancer upon His planetary life, the cancer of fear and selfishness; and he tires of sending his emissaries of Love to sacrifice themselves again and again and again, yet to no avail with regard to the planetary whole.

It is at this time that the Logos withdraws His sacrificial Love as an agent of invitational change and replaces it with WILL.

Divine Will is utterly imposing upon the cancer of evil and ignorance.

Divine Will is not neutral.

Divine Will eradicates the darkness of fear and selfishness without asking, yet also for the greater good.

Just as it has done on Earth cyclically for ages and ages and ages.

And Divine Will has no respect for the billions of human beings today who cling to the ideal of love and peace for their own safety, salvation or other misperceived ideas.

There can be no peace where evil and ignorance rules. They must first be eradicated, and this is why: "At the time of the Coming Again of Christ, He will come in Power." - Jesus.