The Key to Life

18-11-2016 00:00

The 'ground level' to which I previously referred indicates the lower ILLUSORY worlds formed by ignorant thought currents, as you have rightly discerned. These worlds are unreal in relation to Home, and because they are unreal, temporal, rising, glimmering and fading, identification with anything within them creates pain and suffering. Pain may be regarded in its truest, divine purpose as a kind of teacher which urges us to re-establish RIGHT FOCUS; when we do that AND MAINTAIN SUCH A FOCUS, we eventually find ourselves back Home. In that last sentence you have the whole of true religion (which means to relink with Home), all the rest of what we have been told AND WHAT HAS BEEN WRITTEN ABOUT is but commentary.

Since what we focus upon grows (a universal law), to give attention to anything illusory is to strengthen it, to perpetuate it. So many well-intentioned individuals today are earnestly forging ahead with the deluded notion that they can improve and ultimately perfect the illusory world. This is impossible because that which is born of ignorance can never be modified to produce anything other than more illusion, and hence more pain and suffering. The fallen self, the 'I', is illusory too, made from the same fallen, undivine matter as the fallen world. Yet just look at all the human beings who strive after self-improvement, self-empowerment, self-healing, self-liberation, ad infinitum.

Are you beginning to see here man's dreadful delusion and hopeless, endless pursuit within his self-created hell? And are you seeing how it all has to end; to be dissipated and recycled in order that all those souls who do not make the grade at the time of Harvest may start all over again in a purged world, in a relative garden of Eden (though still, of course, fallen).This is why the Buddha commented thus (paraphrased) "If this Earth were all that the poets dreamed of, if all disaster were swept away, every pain brought to an end, every joy made more profound, every beauty made more sublime, even if everything here were raised to the summit of perfection, the soul would still be weary of it all and, freed from all lesser desires, it would turn away therefrom. This fallen Earth has then become a prison for the soul and however nicely it may be adorned, the soul longs for the free and unlimited atmosphere beyond the surrounding walls. And the so-called heavenly world of the astral plane has for it as little attraction as the material sphere, the soul becomes tired of this also. These celestial joys have entirely lost their power of attraction. Ones mental and emotional enjoyments do not give even the slightest satisfaction any more. Indeed they also come and go, transitory as they are, just as do the perception of the senses; they are limited, passing, unsatisfactory, bubbles on the ocean. The soul is tired of all these changes, and it is out of this tiredness that it cries loudly for Liberation."

Since an illusion is born, it must also die. That which is unreal cannot possibly be transformed into that which is Real. Since, however, this latter project is one which the vast majority of unsuspecting and well-intentioned reformers, statesman, teachers, etc. in the world are engaged in today, and since everything on our planet is speeding up in accord with the behests of the Divine Will for Earth and mankind, is it any surprise that more and more pain is being experienced in the world?

May I let you in on a little secret which you may not have considered yet? This fallen world-order was actually established by the Elohim long ago as an emergency order so that fallen mankind might be saved from ultimate destruction (dissipation actually, for nothing in Infinity can truly be destroyed, only changed). The emergency order was created by Divine Fiat not in order to make a heaven there which, as I have explained, is quite impossible, but which ignorant humanity has been attempting to do for eons! No. The emergency order, which is undivine or fallen due to its multifarious illusions and unintegrated matter, was established as a last resort so that fallen man might realise where, in fact, he actually was and so wisely choose to Return Home. Hence you may begin to see that the sole purpose for creating an emergency order in the first place was only that mankind might escape it, via the process of transfiguration exemplified by all the Avatars  "What all men must do, I must also do."  - Jesus. Hence the sole purpose of our being here is actually to resolve our ignorance-born karma as quickly as possible and return Home, or find God, as some might say.

If we investigate the wisdom of all enlightened beings throughout history, we shall observe how their ultimate service and spiritual duty to the 'little ones' was to help mankind free itself from the emergency order of illusion completely and return to God's Kingdom. This is the sole purpose of every single fallen incarnation. The SOLE PURPOSE. Not to earn money, not to struggle to survive in the emergency order, not to be happy here and so remain complacently lost forever, but to RETURN HOME. "'For too long have you been distracted with the toys in my playground,' says God. 'Come home, my children, come home.'" - Paramahansa Yogananda.

So can you now see how to focus/identify with ANYTHING of the emergency order - including the Shadow Lords and all the problems which they repeatedly create on purpose just to distract us from the Lighted Way leading Home and so maintain us in the fallen world so that they may continue to feed upon our ignorance generated etherbleedings - can you now see how to focus/identify with ANYTHING of the emergency order - that so painful illusion of separation from God - is actually to vivify it? Can you understand why the Buddha advised us to "Seek the solitary cave or forest and meditate, for all life [in the emergency order] is suffering"?

In a freewill system such as ours, as long as we use our own free will to focus upon the illusion (as nearly 6 billion physically incarnated human beings do naturally and perpetually in this world, not to mention those trillions of incorporeal entities who dwell upon the hidden side of life and who are doing exactly the same); as long as we focus at all upon the illusion and endeavour to find gratification or purpose there, we are actually saying to God "I wish to remain in this emergency order, Lord; I have not yet understood the Truth. Therefore, please send me further painful lessons; please nail me even more firmly to the eternally-rotating wheel of birth and death, for I am not yet ready to come Home!"

So can God be blamed for granting humanity its wish? No, because the law of free will is divinely given and cannot be interfered with; it is a vital part of the Divine Plan for our world and so must be honoured. And how long does the wheel keep turning in the illusory world of pain? Forever if man so chooses. Indeed, fallen mankind has already been on the wheel for eons just on this little planet alone!

Please do note that this wheel of birth and death only rotates on one plane; it does not spiral; it goes nowhere but round and round and round and round (have you ever had Dejá vu?) until each individual fallen soul, through the repeated experience of pain and separation, says "I've had enough. I am a fool. Without Christ (Divinity), my true Self, I can do nothing. Without you, Lord, I am nothing. Thy will be done, Lord, not mine; take me Home!" And then there is great rejoicing in Heaven, for if even one single prodigal son returns Home to the Father/Mother's Kingdom, all the hosts of Heaven rush to greet him and to share in the good news. Such is the nature of Divine Love. Such a wondrous Return is about to be again realised by a number of successful souls in our times here on Earth due to the Christine intervention, which always comes at the end of cycles. Are you coming? Or are you perhaps contented enough to continue to dwell upon the inexhaustible illusions of the fallen emergency order?

It has happened many times before - during the Hyperborean era, the Lemurian era, the Atlantean era and also thirty two times during the present Aryan era - that a kind of separation has taken place between the 'righteous' and the 'unrighteous', between those who worship the Earthly things of the emergency order and those seeking the gateway to the Eternal Kingdom of Grace, in order to enter through it into the blessedness of the original Freedom. Today, once again, mankind stands before such a separation. Will it allow itself to be dragged along in the circular course of illusory, fallen nature, chained to the treadmill of birth, suffering and death? Or will it follow the Path of Liberation and receive the New Spirit by applying and actualising the Holy Science of Transfiguration?


From Servers of the Divine Plan:

"At the Time of Harvest, those successful souls who have chosen to leave the Earth spheres will ascend through various worlds and densities on their homeward journey. Having previously reunited with numerous other incarnations of their group upon the physical plane in order to realise together the consummation of the terrestrial element of their grand mission, the most accomplished souls will pass up from third density Earthly experience in group formation and through the fourth and fifth densities as they are greeted with unprecedented veneration and praise by legions of Celestial Hosts within the unseen worlds, and as they partake in the ineffable glories of the long-promised Great Rejoicing. Continuing onward and upward through the Christed frequency (the sixth density), they will journey on into the seventh sphere - the Buddha realms - where the most exalted Lives within our Cosmic

Physical Plane are waiting to move up into the next Octave of evolutionary experience - the Cosmic Astral Plane - an unplumbed region of Infinity where a bright new chapter in the Story of Creation is about to begin.”

"The reality of such a triumphant return is supernally metaphysical and subtle beyond utterance; the divine reward and supreme exultation awaiting those successful souls who will once again become transfigured and absorbed into the transcendental refulgence of one perfectly united spiritual consciousness are incomprehensible and inexpressible in words or concepts. Their well-earned prize will be most befitting, for the final liberation of Mother Earth to which they have consecrated themselves - mind, body and spirit - will produce such a tremendous release of divine force in our solar system that the entire Universe shall quiver in grateful response; all Creation will be positively affected as every single life throughout the boundless Cosmos will, on some level, be gracefully and irreversibly touched.”


We have been attempting to share this very good news with humanity now for 9 years around the world, yet mostly all we have known is persecution and misunderstanding. Considering well all of the above - which your heart knows to be true - is it any wonder, then, that at the end of world cycles such as the one we are currently experiencing, that the teacher called 'pain' necessarily intensifies his lessons to all those of humanity who choose not to accept the saving grace of Christ and so return Home? The pain is a last-resort symptom of Christ's great Compassion and wish for as many souls as possible to attain the Harvest on the metaphorical 'Judgement Day'. Perhaps you may be now be in recognition that John's Revelation on Patmos was indeed a prophecy for today, because the vast majority of human beings, in their ignorance, fear and selfishness are definitely not choosing to go Home. And Jesus wept. . .

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