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So many people have misunderstood the proverbial "judgment day".
Some look at it with a negative bias and see it as an ominous act that leads to God's punishment or eternal damnation. Others are unable to accept this negative view of the judgment, and therefore they tend to ignore statements about the judgment or deny their importance. Yet one service of the living Christ is to bring forth judgment upon antichrist, as per the biblical statement: "For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son." (John 5:22)

The Son is a symbol for the Christ Consciousness. The reality behind the judgment is that everything in this world can be understood in terms of polarities, such as the law of action and reaction. One polarity is free will (action) and the corresponding polarity is personal accountability (reaction). Because souls were given free will they have the option to descend into a lower state of consciousness or even to rebel against the laws of God and the purposes of Creation. Yet because of accountability, a soul does not have the right to uphold such choices forever.

The simple fact is that everything that was ever created by God was created from the only begotten Son of the Father, namely the universal Christ Consciousness. Therefore, all souls have a Christ potential, and the living Christ is for the most part lying dormant within the souls of mankind. The soul can deny its Christ potential and therefore make a choice that is antichrist. However, if a soul could uphold this choice indefinitely there would be no accountability. Therefore, there must come a time of judgment, when the soul must choose on this day whom it will serve.

In reality there is nothing negative about the judgment. The nature of judgment is opportunity, and this is how it should be viewed. In a traditional Christian culture the judgment is often viewed as a form of punishment. Yet this is not correct. Neither God nor any member of His serving Host has any desire to punish anyone, no matter what they have done on Earth.

The purpose of any activity of the Christ Hierarchy in the fallen realm is to turn souls around and help them embark upon the spiritual path that leads back to God. Due to the necessary honoring of free will, souls are permitted to go through the experiences that they deem necessary on their path back to God. However, some souls take a detour, and if they continue in that direction beyond a certain point it will be almost impossible for them to have a turnaround and to enter the Path of Return.

Some souls have rebelled against God and have, for many lifetimes, refused to bend the knee before the lineage of the true spiritual Teachers and Messengers. This still continues today, and the persecution of the truth-sayers has not by any means been ameliorated on Earth. Such souls can come close to a point where, if they create any more karma, they simply will not be able to balance that karma before their allotted time has been spent and they can no more receive the opportunity to embody in the material universe.

As an act of mercy and opportunity the judgment is an attempt to turn such souls around before they move past the point of no return.
If souls do not take this opportunity, then the judgment can have the function of removing them from the planet (or shortening theirallotted time) before they can drag too many other souls, or the planet as a whole, down with them. This is indeed what is about to happen at this time of the end of a world cycle on Earth.

The nature of the judgment is to make it clear to the soul that it needs to make the choice to turn itself around and that it can no longer keep ignoring or postponing that decision. The judgment is a statement to the soul that it simply cannot continue in that direction any longer, that it must wake up and turn itself around before it destroys itself.

As a wise man once said: if people knew better they would do better.
If a soul truly understood that it was moving towards its own destruction, it would likely turn itself around. However, many souls tend to envelop themselves in such a veil of illusions that they do not see what they are doing. The judgment is an act of awakening, whereby the soul is forced to see the consequences of its actions. The purpose is to force the soul to face the necessity to make a choice between turning itself around or continuing towards its destruction. In other words, when the soul receives the judgment it cannot remain ignorant of the need to turn around. A person might not have a full conscious recognition of what this entails, but at inner levels of the being, the soul understands that if it does not turn itself around it will mean its own destruction.

Obviously, some souls can ignore the judgment and continue to move towards their destruction. This then activates another aspect of the judgment in which the soul's allotted time is shortened or the soul is removed from this planet before it can drag other souls into its destructive spiral. Depending on the degree of corruption, the soul may then receive another opportunity to learn by seeing that the universe does not follow the soul's self-created illusions. God is not mocked and God is no respector of persons.

So when the soul is judged it represents an opportunity for that soul. If the soul does not turn itself around, then the judgment becomes an opportunity for other souls to live life on this planet without being burdened by the downward pull of the rebellious souls.

Why is the judgment call so necessary in this age? When a new age begins, the planet and humankind as a whole must rise to a higher level of consciousness. If many souls rebel against the need to rise higher, they will become a dead weight that can make it very difficult or even impossible for the bulk of humanity to rise higher. Therefore a final opportunity will be given to those souls who have not mastered the lessons of the previous age. Some souls
will be given the judgment and if they do not embrace the opportunity they will not to be allowed to remain on the planet as it moves into the new age.

That is why Jesus said that he had come for the judgment 2,000 years ago. He came to bring about the judgment of certain dark lifestreams, and that judgment was concluded by their persecution of Jesus at that time. In the following centuries many Christian martyrs were persecuted or killed by other dark lifestreams who thereby received their judgment and were taken from this planet. Had this not been done, the Earth could not have risen to its present
level of consciousness, and therefore the Earth could not have moved into the age of Aquarius. So on a planetary scale the judgment is a very necessary step in terms of moving into new cycles.

The reality of the situation is that whenever an age comes to a close, the judgment will inevitably happen. The only question is how it happens. In this age it is hoped that the judgment might be brought about as a spiritual judgment instead of a physical judgment. During the the Piscean age, the judgment happened primarily as a physical judgment, and that is why so many people had to be tortured and killed in order to judge a band of souls whose
time was up.

Even today we see this happening in society, in the form of child prostitution/molestation, terrorism, unjust wars and many other atrocities committed against the innocent. As an alternative to this physical judgment, is the spiritual judgment. This judgment comes about when people in embodiment make the call for God's judgment to descend upon those who rebel against God's laws and God's purposes.
Such rebellion can take the form of physcial, emotional or mental transgression.

Everything on this planet is subject to the free will of human beings. When Jesus was embodied on this planet he was the instrument of the judgment, and he called it forth upon certain people (eg. the pharisees). However, Jesus is no longer on stage, and therefore he cannot call for the judgment of anyone. Only souls in embodiment can do that.

There are angels in Heaven who have been given the specific assignment to deliver God's judgment upon mankind - and also disembodied spirits - on Earth. These angels are very determined, one might even call them fierce, and they are ever-ready to carry out their job. They are literally capable of removing all rebellious souls from this planet in the blink of the eye of God. Yet they can do nothing until the law authorizes them to act. Before the end-of-cycle final Judgment, which no being can influence, this authorization can come in two ways. A rebellious soul can commit anatrocity against the innocent (in deed, emotion or thought), or aperson in embodiment can call forth God's judgment upon a rebellious soul. Advanced souls have been incarnating on Earth especially since the 1960's in order to perform this very service.

This judgment can be called forth through a simple prayer or sincere call, the kind that John the Baptist gave 2,000 years ago: "Prepare ye. O prepare! The Kingdom is at hand". The plan is that a critical mass of people will awaken and so be able to exercise their spiritual authority in such a capacity, thereby bringing about the judgment of certain dark lifestreams without there being a widespread physical judgment. In other words, the dark lifestreams can be judged before they commit some of their worst atrocities against the innocent. This will not only save the innocent from much suffering, it will also save the rebellious souls from creating  more severe karma. This, then, is the preferred result in these end times.

As has been said, the Judgment will inevitably happen at the end of this age. The choice that the 'elect of God' have, a choice that was not available 2,000 years ago, is whether that judgment will be a spiritual judgment or a physical judgment.

The teachings on the judgment and a specific judgment call was first released in the 1970's. If a sufficient number of people had known about this teaching and had called forth the judgment, many of the atrocities we currently see on this planet could have been avoided.
The souls who have given their judgment calls thus far, however, have truly avoided far worse calamities. Yet because we have not seen a critical mass of people call forth the judgment, mankind is currently seeing the unfoldment of the physical judgment, whereby certain dark lifestreams are judged by their atrocious actions against the innocent. Yet it is never too late to begin a new cycle of spiritual jurisdiction. It is hoped that other spiritual warriors will pick up the torch and call forth God's judgment so that future atrocities may be avoided. Such judgment calls may only be applied successfully via souls who are selflessly consecrated to God's Truth and Justice.

It is critically important that God's judgment is invoked with complete non-attachment and with a feeling of pure love. Pure love, divine Love, is unconditional, and therefore it has no expectations of other people's reactions. If the judgment call is given from a position of pure love, then there is no anger toward the people or forces for whom the judgment is called forth. We feel only love, and we are holding the vision that souls will take the opportunity afforded by the judgment and so turn themselves around.

It is obvious that many people find it difficult to attain or maintain this non-attachment when contemplating the atrocities occurring on Earth. It is also an unfortunate fact that most people are indifferent to atrocities that do not affect them personally.
Those who are not indifferent are often on fire with a holy wrath or zeal, which is what gives them the motivation to do something to help stop the atrocities. Yet if this zeal is unbalanced, such people can easily make the mistake of engaging in spiritual jurisdiction with anger, fear or other negative emotions.

It is a basic fact that human beings are bound by their attention. Wherever our attention goes, there our energies go. So if we call forth the judgment of certain dark lifestreams, and feel anger, fear or other negative emotions towards these people, then we will be misqualifying the Light of God, both through our calls and through the power of our attention.

Being a servant of the Plan does not free us from the responsibility for what we do with God's energy. So if we call forth the judgment with negative feelings, we will misqualify the energy of God.
Thereby, we will create karma, and if we send enough misqualified energy at a person, that energy might burden the soul and perhaps even interfere with the soul's ability to make free choices. That is why we should always call forth the judgment with a feeling of unconditional love. If we cannot attain this unconditional love, it is better not to call forth the judgment of other people, for such decrees easily become prayers of mal-intent, thus darkening the souls of those giving the judgment call.

As a safety mechanism, we can call forth the judgment and ask that our calls are qualified according to the will of God. However, it is important to understand that there are two elements to making a call. When we call forth the judgment it is not we who are bringing about the judgment, and the call itself is not bringing about the judgment. Because pure souls are embodied in the physical realm, they have the authority to call forth the judgment upon other souls embodied in the physical world, and when the call is made in earnest, then the angels of judgment are given the authority to move into the physical plane and deliver the judgment. So the judgment is always delivered by an angel of judgment and not by ourselves or the call itself. Regardless of the calls we make, an angel of judgment will not violate the will of God. So an angel of judgment will not interfere with a person's free will and will not deliver the judgment unless that person is ready for it. However, one might also say that since judgment is an opportunity to turn around, the judgment is always appropriate, particularly in end times periods.

Therefore, the judgment itself will only be made according to the will of God under the Law. However, it is still possible to give the judgment call with negative feelings and thereby misqualify energy that is directed at another soul. This is our own misqualification of energy and it is subject to our free will. If we ask for our calls or prayers to be qualified according to the will of God, yet give those calls with any negative feelings, we will still misqualify energy and so create karma. Therefore, just a little intelligent contemplation of this will reveal the fact that it requires an uncommon degree of virtue, spiritual maturity and neutrality to give the judgment call successfully.

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