The Choice

11-03-2019 00:00

"Nevertheless, every serious follower who has been Meeting with the Incarnation for years, would do well to choose, for it is better that they are either hot or cold for God, but not lukewarm. The battle line must be drawn, and they must choose a side, for it can be the most horrible of life for the serious follower to ride the fence between Heaven and hell, and God's Laws will not be mocked. Serious and passionate followers would do well to get off the fence, and run with all their strength to either nature or God, but, either way, they would do well to choose. The main reason why the majority of followers are not fully serious and passionate for Freedom, and are lukewarm, is simply fear: the fear of choosing, and the fear of acting fully according to that choice."

"All followers fear choosing, serious or less-than fully serious. You fear choosing because, regardless of which master you choose, sacrifices must be made. Without choosing, you can alternate between tastes of Heaven and wallowing in hell, and you have the choice to feed from either table as your mood dictates. You think that not choosing will forever keep all natural and Unnatural options open before you. However, you know that if you choose one over the other, the door will be closed to the one not chosen. You want Heaven, but you are addicted to hell. You want to preserve the individuality by feeding and protecting it, and you resist its Death and Disintegration. You want personal Bliss and God's Blessings, but not Freedom. You are caught in the middle, in the greatest of dilemmas, but serious and passionate followers who have also been Meeting and Taught for years would do well to choose. God will not be mocked, and He will not Remain where He is not wanted at least above all else. If God is to be your Servant, you must allow Him to be your Lord."

"Making the unambiguous choice provides clarity, strength, and direction, regardless of the lord one chooses. I Recommend that you not live as driftwood, whether you choose the natural or Unnatural life. A life of vacillation only adds suffering."

Dava Prakasha