Prepare Ye! O Prepare!

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"At that time there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will be." - Matthew 24:21.

CHAPTER 24 OF THE GOSPEL OF ST. MATTHEW is a sombre page of the New Testament. Yet this prophecy had a very scientific basis, for all those who are taken up into the Light-Field of the Christ-Hierarchy know the past, present and future; they know how things develop.

That is why, just like the author of the Gospel according to Matthew, they always put things in a concrete way, making their predictions in terms of an immediate now. The seers of the past knew, though, that the Day of the Lord could not come at simply any moment for, as we said, they knew how things develop. They also knew that every human being had to prepare himself for it. That is why they made their predictions in terms of an absolute, eternal present.

We, too, explain things for you in this way today, because the time has now come! What the ancients predicted is being fulfilled in our time. Then we shall all know that the servants of old were not simply filled with exaltation. For how often have we thought, perhaps, that: 'Two thousand years ago this or that was prophesied and it still has not happened. Could it just have been a myth?' No, not a myth, but a scientifically-calculable and cyclic necessity in an emergency order such as ours, the forthcoming world-transition marking the end of a major cycle. So now we may understand why the prophecy of things that would happen today was made several thousand years ago.

The great processes of change unfolding in the atmosphere of our world are now being felt everywhere by both ordinary folk and sensitives alike. Atmospheric conditions determine the radiation-values that hold sway over mankind at any particular moment and influence man's light vesture, giving rise to the need for it to be brought into a certain condition. In this way, the whole course of events, the entire fate of mankind, is determined. Radiation-values drive mankind to manifest itself in a particular way: that is why these influences have to be admitted to our light vesture, regardless of whether this is accompanied by harmony or disharmony.

We all possess a light vesture out of which we live and exist. So it follows quite logically that whenever the universal, divine Life from which we have all come forth, has something to communicate to mankind, all this happens by means of a special Radiation Field, that surrounds mankind and influences every aspect of its activity and behaviour.

The Light Vesture of Christ surrounds the light vestures of mankind, and it is necessary for all to bring themselves into harmony with it. No one can avoid this necessity, no one can escape being influenced. So it is important to ascertain how the light vesture of Christ will affect ourselves, and above all, what our state of being will be at the all-important moment - 'Judgement Day' - for it is this that will determine the result and our immediate destiny. So at this juncture in humanity's development, our state of being will determine the whole of our future fate.

In time, everyone receives what he needs. For the new Radiation Field that surrounds us emanates from the Love of God, even though many will need to experience this Love as a heavy burden, as a 'punishment'. In keeping with its aim of impelling all mankind towards a higher good, the new Radiation Field surrounding us possesses everything man needs and is able to assimilate.

A good number of us have been interested in spirituality for many years, so now the most important question for us to ask ourselves is: 'Have we really made the right use of all those years? Have we applied all our faculties to bring about an uncompromising consecration to the Work of Christ?' If this is not the case, then it is understandable that the new Radiation Field will not be able to touch us in a harmonious manner. But nevertheless, whatever disharmony manifests itself in our life, it should be understood as the greatest possible grace that could be given. There is no such thing as punishment. There is no such thing as divine vengeance. But the Love of God cannot be opposed. If we experience its touch as disharmony, as a whiplash, then that is what is necessary or useful for us.

Now, during a major world-cycle of 26,000 years there are twelve human developments. In one (esoteric) sidereal year all twelve developments, all twelve influences have their effect on mankind's course of development. In each one, mankind ought to fulfil a certain task. One speaks in this connection of twelve aspects, of twelve zodiacal influences, and also of twelve brothers who are with and around us.

The Age of Aquarius, which is now upon us, is fully supported by the other eleven brothers. That is why, in actual fact, we see a twelvefold zodiacal pyramid coming into being. In the twelvefold course of development, consisting of twelve periods of time, there are always seven forces, seven etheric manifestations that act in a sanctifying and thus healing and liberating way. This healing etheric body of seven forces, emanating from the twelve brothers, the twelve signs of the zodiac, is descending again, in our time, and is touching us, seeking to save us or, at the very least, to be of service to us, to help us.

In each of the twelve periods of human evolution in a sidereal year, the Radiation Field that touches us differs from the one that preceded it, and also from those in the periods of existence that will come after it. The regularity, the chronos of this fulfilment of the laws of the universe, cannot be held back by anything or anyone. Everyone, including the president of the United States and the leader of China, will have to comply with it; every single person, no matter what their position on the social scale. The Holy Spirit comes to all, and the sevenfold Radiation Field of Christ enters into everyone.

If it is not yet possible for us to simply be lifted up to greet the New Dawn, then a mighty force of purification will strike us as a sword. When the Spirit is outpoured, no one - remember - no one is passed over. It may well be a sword that will strike us, that will cleave through us, a sword that cuts our light vesture open and makes us see with the greatest clarity what has kept us until now from integrating the blessings offered. Those who undergo the proper reaction to the Aquarian Grace will receive the power and the ability to fulfil the great holy work of Transfiguration. In whatever state of being we find ourselves, remember that all of us are capable of fulfilling the great work through the Power and Grace that are now entering this world. But at the same time, do not forget that we know not exactly how much time is still left in this round!

Perhaps we may have now realised why, about two thousand years ago, with the help of the authors of the New Testament, the preparations for this time were begun: "Prepare yourself! It is time! The day has come! Be watchful, that you enter not into temptation!"

The prophets stated things in such a way in readiness for the present day, with their gaze directed towards the time that is actually coming now. So no one can say: 'I did not know'. It is the case that the vast majority of human microcosms on Earth have already delayed their positive reaction to the Call for far too long. Yet it is thus far still not too late to plant our feet firmly and resolutely on the Path and so prepare to greet the Lord - Christ - with gratitude and joy.

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