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14-08-2016 15:42

It’s All Going A Bit Grey- Part 4

By Warren Sunkar

Once humanity thought it strange or simply did not know that micro-organisms were part of our reality until the invention of the microscope. Now accepted as fact, it is worth pondering how much we miss in terms of intelligent life outside of our visible spectrum of reality. With the planetary shift underway, many people are experiencing multi-dimensional awakening and cosmic realignment, opening them up to various subtle realities and experiences. 

What has been hidden is now being revealed…

My experiences over the last few months have highlighted planetary manipulation from entities of alien origin, known by some people today as “the Greys”. Having recently experienced and seen their various subtle technologies such as bio-etheric implants, frequency jamming devices, manipulative frequency technologies that influence the subconscious mind, cloaking devices for themselves and their vehicles, subtle architecture placed in certain locals around the planet and a complete augmented reality. 

It seems that high government officials and elites are either knowingly or unknowingly compliant with their schemes. Also, people such as scientists, doctors and politicians who are predominantly left brained can be easily corrupted and infiltrated through their minds becoming unknowing accomplices to their suggestive realities and manipulations. 

Today, the reality of psychotronic warfare upon individuals and the public is being exposed. Whistle-blowers are coming forward, corporate patents and documents have been released. This type of technology is itself given or mentally implanted by the Greys that use compatible tech from the more subtle fields of reality they inhabit. Frequency control and manipulation technologies are very real silent weapons of war being used against humanity and are affecting the collective in many adverse ways. 

There is also a heavy assault on human biology as well as much engineered social confusion. Despite the revealing dangers of EMF exposure, weather modification, bio-engineering and gm food, today’s transhumanist agenda is being pushed ahead by certain authorities despite any objection. The public in their ignorance are often used to further the agenda and “modern life” is being deviously crafted in such a way to make existence without phones, computers, tablets etc. impossible! 

While many people are seeking to inform the public about the growing dangers of our technocratic reality, Hollywood propaganda films such as TRANSCEDENCE often example a programming hostility and exaggeration towards those people who are telling others to UNPLUG. Making them out as terrorists, unintelligent, or backwards. 

Those of us who live in genuine empathic connection to our mother earth and our cosmic realities can plainly see the great harm that all of this is doing from our more subtle perspectives and insight.  Our cities and people have mostly lost sympathetic resonance with their natural and spiritual environments. Too few people understand that mother earth has her own consciousness and life processes and that we in our biology and energetic makeup share the current cosmic alignment and process with her.

There is a great obscuration of understanding as to what we as a race view as technology. We have come into a great neglect of our true psychic and spiritual realities. Instead of working in with our natural and cosmic realities we seek to oppose them. This is a sickness of spirit exampled in rampant materialism, selfishness and domination of lower patriarchal impulses. This is the great curse of the domineering collective western mind set.

 As we as a people delve deeper into misaligned and augmented reality, we are opening ourselves to greater possession and parasitic infection from rogue elements in the cosmos.  The Greys are using subtle implant devices and controlled frequency fields to eventually take over and possess an unaware society. Those in high tech emf environments such as the military and police are much more susceptible to possession or influence due to their conditioning, as well as drug users and gamers who have weak resistance upon inner levels. I would point out that some of these random killings and shootings we are today seeing are in fact AI possession, orchestrated from the subtle realms to keep the public in fear and low vibratory frequency.

While writing these pieces we have seen the advent of a new gaming in the style of Pokémon Go.  This enables people using GPS and Wi-Fi to travel to various locals to participate in capturing virtual animals. While the argument is, that it is getting people outdoors, it is the inverse nature of interacting with our natural environment that needs to be highlighted.  I watched hundreds of people at a well-known park in my city trample the earth and vegetation in an effort to retrieve Pokémon. Each with their Wi-Fi on, with little respect for the grounds they trudged through (this park considered sacred by our indigenous). The wildlife and flowers neglected for virtual ones.

The energetic nature of our being shares reciprocal energetic interfacing and connection with our spiritual and biological environments. How we live and what we live for is what we invoke as our experience in our given reality. Energy can be siphoned off planet by reverse energy grid networks to off planetary recipients. These grids have been constructed and engineered upon fourth and fifth dimensional levels by various alien entities. I would point out that while many truthers focus on the social implications and subversive intelligence tactics of the technology behind such games as Pokémon go, perhaps it is pertinent to present the possibility of energetic harvesting and complete consciousness augmentation.

Unaware of subtle realities people do not understand that there are various technologies placed around the planet in different frequencies of reality. These create inverse fields that are being used by the Greys to open certain portals that subdue the populations consciousness into their virtual reality framework. Many people are today literally walking through this portal and being assimilated by alien artificial intelligence.

On a deeper level, many servers are today experiencing the deep levels of planetary manipulation and trauma that have existed upon more unconscious levels of planetary experience. This is a transmutational process to heal and rectify those unseen and unknown elements that have affected the human race for millennia. Some of us may encounter hostile alien realities through this period of planetary transformation. Many of these hostile alien realities are losing ground and becoming desperate as the deeper cleansing of the planet proceeds. Like myself you might encounter attacks, infiltrations and implanting through this period. 

While the world is seemingly collapsing into madness as dualities within the collective human psyche are being exasperated and brought to the surface, we are called to hold our alignment in faith through these planetary processes. We have much divine assistance and this is an important period to resolve certain elements of the planetary fracturing. It is also a parting of ways…

 As new cosmic energies sweep into this sphere, humanity will possibly encounter those deeper layers of collective psyche which will expunge fractured realities and heal our inherent individual cleavages to reveal how as a race we are subject to archonic infiltration. This is part of the planetary purgation process and will allow those of the race who are walking the path to clear various internal and external obstructions and implants, helping us to understand how Ai infiltration is taking place. Collectively, this could be for some people who are unable to integrate with the new frequencies, akin to a planetary dark night.

The true seed is today being removed from the husk.  I can say with experience and certainty that these miscreant alien intelligences are failing in their schemes despite the seeming chaos on a planetary level. 

Our planetary mother has been under great stress. One here cannot highlight enough for people to go deeper in their search for truth. With our cosmic realignment today taking place only those who truly seek spiritual integration will know what is taking place behind the veil of confusion that is confronting us on every level of our earth experience. Despite the madness, the attacks, the hostility of a wayward world, one can only here smile at what is revealing itself on deeper levels of being…

To the Great Universal Mother I give reverence and thanks!