09-04-2016 00:00

In this global society of technocratic convenience, entertainment and selfish distraction, how few people take time to still and truly gain the needed moments and space to open, bringing about the deeper inner clarity and transcendental awareness to assist a world that is seemingly spinning out of control? How few people even care or see the necessity of doing so?

Within today’s great collective confusion and troubles, there is so much needed to be said about sacredness!

Sacredness reveals itself in the purity of relationships that are formed with God, our selves and the planet. When we know true sacredness, we open our hearts and minds to the guidance and subtle caress of divine Life and we are drawn into Loves presence.  Sacredness is the vehicle through which we come to understand our true nature and we come to realize that we are constantly showered with Gods unspeakable blessings. Here in awe of Life we are constantly falling to our knees and can behold Truth unmanifest through our open window of reverence and love. Here, within the sacredness of a moment, Love manifests to touch our hearts as do the kisses of the morning sun’s rays for those who awaken early to receive them.                                        

It is through the portal of sacredness we experience a constant renewal in Life...

If you would but take that little time you have to contemplate this you would understand that this is what lies in sacredness!

Sacredness is not an ideal or a concept. It is the inspired reverence you bring to the moment you are living. People should understand that true divine blessing can be experienced everywhere and in any situation but that we must offer ourselves up in sincerity and love. Sacredness is lived in the true recognition of divinity that pervades all form, through whatever place, being or moment we are interacting with. When the Life is revered and we as a people come to honor each other in respect to our divine natures then this creates the opportunity for Spirit to teach and bless us. We then come to know Life consciously and know the purpose of our being!

Our modern culture for the most part has lost its sense of sacredness and does not recognize its importance. Without it, we lose our fundamental connection to essential reality and sensitiveness to those sublime understandings and elements that are given to us by Life to truly guide and nourish us. Without sacredness and respect for the divine Life we lose our spiritual guidance and begin to venerate matter and form. We become lost in dualistic reality and fall deeper into the illusions of self.

Today, this world has plunged deep into a material abyss of self gratification and we are seeing the direct results. In the degradation of true culture and our relationships to each other and the earth, sciences and arts, potential tools used to elevate and enliven the race have become so polluted and degenerate their effect on society only weakens and defiles it.  Driven by the chaos of their personality natures people seal themselves from the true understanding of Life. This is true blindness!

When we lose sacredness we lose our divine compass and in our confusion we fall deeper from what sustains us. Our inspired recognition of the sacredness of Life opens the portal to higher dimensional reality. The opposite is also very true, in denial and negligence of Spirit we find ourselves lost in psychosis, trapped in misery and fear. As our society falls deeper into materialism and thus into madness we see the fires of hell arise around us in confusion, depression, vampirism and war.

We see this sickness arising in todays incessant push of those technocratic and inorganic pathways towards spiritless realities and worlds. Today our culture, has become a celebration of debasement and much of todays society is resembling the demonic stories of old!

Most people interact with each other and the planet in a semiconscious daze, seeking only the attainment of their own desires and needs. Humanity is today cloaked with heavy insatiable elementals of their personality natures and it is here that they open themselves to be controlled by darker entities and beings. Collectively  they are being driven of a metaphysical cliff to plunge into an even deeper abyss of hatred, conflict, and brutality...

Yet if we could only just open and trust our sense of sacredness it could elevate us far beyond the dangers and miseries of our prevailing conditions.

Let one here ask?

How few people today consciously engage in life with the love and clarity that is aroused by spirit?

How few people are even able to recognize the importance and necessity to see the sacredness in Life?

When you walk in nature do you take time to still and feel her presence?

When you look into the eyes of the opposite sex do you honor their soul with your integrity and truth?

Is your walk through life attempting to live the deepest truths that reveal themselves to your heart and how do you live behind closed doors?

When you know the sacredness in all things your answer will be without fear, confusion or hesitation.

Today as we watch in awe at that which is rising before us, let us see clearly the tragedy of our modern culture and look deep inside ourselves. Then we ourselves have the opportunity to see the sacredness of this moment in our planetary collective history. To turn this moment into the greatest of blessings and to meet divine Truth face to face. Then we can honor God, ourselves and our brothers and sisters by holding our alignment, integrity and truth before them. This is true divine work.

We must not only remember but live in sacredness...this moment is sacred, the earth is sacred, humanity is sacred. When you know such a Reality and Love then your very lives become a divine blessing upon the world. Verily the whole cosmos will sing with you!

Warren Sunkar