Life Without Understanding Is Spiritual and Material Suicide

23-05-2017 00:00

Blessed are those who have understanding.It is the greatest need on the spiritual path and on the path of life. Understanding is the searchlight that illumines your way and brings success. Before you can attain the crowning goal of this life, you must have that important faculty.So never be blind, never be misunderstanding it is spiritual and material suicide.

Understanding should be your guiding force in every situation. No matter what your trials,try to understand. God never causes harm or suffering to anyone. It is we who, by understanding or misunderstanding, help er hinder ourselves. Pray to God that no matter what experiences come to you, you may have understanding. It is the only thing that will save you. Whan my trials become very great, I first seek understanding in myself. I don't blame circumstances or try tot correct  anybody else. I go inside first. I try to clean the citadel of my soul to remove anything that obstructs the slyoul's all-powerfull;, all-wis expression. That is the succesfull way to live.

To fly away from problems may seem the easiest solution. But you gain strength only when you wrestle with a strong opponent. One who doesn't have difficulties is one who doesn't grow. When you have understanding, you have no fears. In understanding kies security.

Many,many trials I have faced in life. The most difficult of all are those  with human beings, because they do not understand. I have seen people I have loved, people to whom I given my heart,misunderstand.But that has never created bitterness in me. If bitterness arises in your heart out of the nonunderstanding of others, you will lose your own understanding. Do not let yourself feel hurt when someone misunderstands you. Rather, pay more attention to helping that person. If you can neutralize your feelings toward those who misunderstand you, you will be ever ready to help anyone and everyone. All those who follow this path of Self-Realization must hold nothing but goodwill for all.

P.Yogananda (uit The Divine Romance)