26-07-2016 00:00


By Warren Sunkar

Your imagination is now cyber traveling inside of the synthetic computation of computer programs, computer software and holographic forms of reality. Instead of your imagination and mind being nurtured, it is melodically being hacked and infiltrated.

Sadiki Bakari- The Magnum Opus

There is no doubt that humanity is in a very vulnerable stage in its collective transitional phase into the Aquarian age. People are confused and many bewildered as the veils today lift and we recognize the madness of those authorities that seek to control us. We as a race are threatened with tearing ourselves apart. Even in the so-called "Truther Community" maddening idealisms, confusion and emotive reactions govern the stage. Due to lack of true knowledge of the human condition, which is even distorted and confused by those more admirable researchers and seekers of truth, we have worked our way into a growing tension and confusion, that seems to benefit the very nefarious beings that we are trying to escape from!

In this piece I would like to highlight that one here, doesn't put the blame solely on the "illuminati, aliens and entities" etc. Humanity as a whole has also made some very poor choices in the last century. Many have known for decades that the direction in which we were headed, was wrong and many chose to ignore the many warnings sounded. In lives of selfishness, we ourselves, invoke much of the very darkness that we experience. We are not helpless beings as so many people today suggest, we have a divine heritage and we are children of Love, even if most of us have forgotten this. Some of us have not...

As the intensifying light clarifies the shadows around us and despite what seems a darkened time to many, we are in a time of our collective divine emergence and I would have humanity not forget this! However, what is also today emerging is that, over the last decades while we have fed ourselves on junk television, junk food and selfish distractions those who have been in places of authority have only been too happy to oblige us. This they have been doing while advancing their own agendas, building an arsenal of technologies in conjunction with certain alien races that will lead to our demise. Today we have been dumbed down and fractured, to be bought to our knees. While intellectuals have argued against many so-called conspiracy theories, time and time again, many things assumed insane and ludicrous only decades ago have become reality. It seems today such people are becoming a little more hushed as they are now beginning to see the truth of what is unfolding before their very eyes!

Normally my writings are not so personal, however in the light of what is being revealed in these pieces, I thought others could benefit from my personal experience.

It was only a month ago (May 2016) I was put through some very hard and disturbing multidimensional attacks which lasted for about 10 days. They came rather unexpectedly, were quite furious and to put it simply, were to 'literally take me out'! However through this attack I sensed a divine hand keeping me guided through these experiences which had me emerge, relatively safe and sound... although a little sore and shaken. These events were witnessed by several people who can and will corroborate the experience.

The first parts of the attack started when I awoke one night to hear a high pitched sound. I went outside, shocked to see a large UFO outside the house, seemingly trying to beam a frequency weapon at a person asleep inside. I woke up the others in the house and we went into the room where that person was sleeping. A strange and dark energy pervaded the room and we could feel the presence of something sinister, moving in the corner. I have had certain experiences before but this was quite intense, it seemed not to care we were seeing it. Over the years I have worked with various medicines such as ayahuasca and facilitated various talks and multidimensional experiences, and so knew how to basically handle various subtle attacks. However this being was very persistent and aggressive. We were forced to stay up until the later morning keeping the attack at bay, eventually it subsided. However, as we returned exhausted to our bedrooms, in each room was placed some sort of subtle tech device that literally tore up our subtle bodies. We could not enter; they seemed to emit some kind of sick and jarring frequency that wreaked havoc on our internal systems. Over the week we had many visitors, who were startled to feel the intensity of these energies.

Then, over the next days, more attacks persisted with an intensifying ferocity. Those that were with me were shocked at the openess of the attacks. Our country house seemed to become a multidimensional war zone! Portals were opening up, aliens were pouring in from everywhere. After a few nights of not sleeping and being exhausted, I collapsed and a strange event took place…

I was suddenly pulled into a world of beauty and felt free and unencumbered by my dense physical body. This world appealed very much to me, as I stared outward to a beautiful horizon of scenic wonders. Yet my deeper being sensed something was very wrong. Despite the landscape of wonder that had opened before me, I centered myself. Everything then became pixelated as if looking at a TV screen, I was in a digitized reality and I looked down at my subtle bodies to see them covered in some kind of subtle tech that had reconfigured my meridians and chakras. I had been implanted with various sophisticated devices within my etheric body, when I had passed out. I strained and exerted myself to pull inwardly free, breaking the connection, my consciousness now liberated I opened my eyes to find myself back in the room in which I had passed out in.

I was quite shaken and found out that another person in the room, had just gone through the same experience. Entering a created virtual reality world has given me the experience and understanding as to how we as a race, will possibly be persuaded or forced into one.

Most of the population do not question the reality that surrounds them, we have been subject to fluoridation, vaccines, chemtrails, poisonous food substances. Though most of the “Truther Community” has been made aware of this, still most of the human race is disconnected from nature and its subtle realities. Many are unable to discern the governing and manipulative realities that lie behind civilizations face. Also, over many generations many have been encoded with a religious expectation or possibility (this includes a new age program) of the time we are now facing. In such confusion we will find that we have been primed for a fake savior, second coming and an Armageddon like scenario.

The words of 'writer and transhumanist lecturer' Sadiki Bakari, stand out in my mind as he points out "is it going to be a holographic messiah?”

The nature of subtle reality is of higher frequencies and energies, mostly unregistered by a material bound humanity. We as a race have neglected our true psychic heritage through reliance on technocracy. While people jeer at others attempting to share such valuable insight (and despite much new age glamour) one here, can only sound a sincere warning.

While most people look out only to three dimensional experience, very few would understand that alien technologies as well as, the aliens themselves, influence through fourth dimensional reality. My various experiences over the ten days had me understand that the subtle tech that the Greys have, include cloaking devices for themselves and their spacecraft and frequency beams that attack one's DNA. They were able to project a frequency through my body that felt almost beautiful and rapturous, they could use their tech to alter dream states, moods and simulate a seemingly omniscient mental voice, almost like a false Messiah.

I have thought deeply, since these experiences. It would not take much in the coming years to trick a wayward humanity using fear, confusion and war (perhaps a fake alien invasion) to accept a created digital, holographic reality - That to those who are spiritually blind, would seem like a new Heaven. One can see where this writer is going… We as a race must become aware that interfacing with Digital AI is a wormhole to inorganic reality. They have provided us their own miscreant and subversive technologies. These Grey's are capturing and augmenting our personality consciousness into their created virtual world, while manipulating the human mind into destroying and geo engineering the earth. While the world is seemingly getting sicker , they are manipulating us into a controlled digital prison.

I would point out, that at the moment most of conditioned humanity would be quite willing to enter...

One of the more worrying trends of the “Truther Community” is the misunderstanding of what is going on with the planet at the present. Their idealism and glamour of divinity have left them very vulnerable to false representation. Without true gnosis even the more adept researchers could possibly lead an awakening humanity through a false vortex. True divine experience is rare in this world, despite the glamour’s of the new age community. Even those more adept, will find the coming period very difficult because it seems the Greys can even hijack, piggyback and interfere with divine frequencies.

The more powerful attacks eventually subsided; we were aided by divine cosmic intelligence. However more subtle attacks have continued. Since writing my first two pieces for these essays, I would let you know of another happening just a few weeks ago...

Upon waking, it was still very early in the morning... I went outside to roll some tobacco when I felt an alien presence. However, its approach was now very different to the previous attacks that I had experienced, only weeks before. It seemed to project a lighter frequency which felt quite favorable to the personality, which would seem quite beautiful to those inexperienced in such things. But I knew it's deception. The Grey, semi-materialized before me and spoke to me psychically. It offered me a 'world of my own', that I would not suffer with the rest of humanity ,if I chose to acquiesce to their plans. I told it to get lost...

Their attacks revealed their true intentions and have left me with some insight into their schemes. However, it made me think how many others have been offered and given deals... How many in government, the film industry, financial places of power, have turned compliant with their wishes out of fear, confusion and even misplaced intentions.

With the ongoing and current awakening of the human race, we will find that we will have to navigate... possibly, through a hostile multi-dimensional experience. However there is much hope here, in that we as divine representatives have the definite capacity to deal with such situations. We never need to acquiesce to alien intelligence. Our own divine heritage and alignment is sound, if we invoke through our lives, true divinity. Our own potentiality exceeds that of these lost and wayward beings. Living in true alignment, we never need be afraid when we encounter such things and I’m sure, in the not too very distant future… We might be forced to!