Its All Going A Bit Grey!

18-05-2016 00:00

The vortex of personality capture is not just for counterintelligence, biometrics and spying. It is also for possible mind clones and virtual avatars with or without your permission.   Sadiki Bakari- The Magnum Opus

With the ongoing and multifarious changes precipitated by the influx of new Aquarian energies, the coming period will yield many surprising dramas and events within humanities personal and collective paradigms.

With new light encodings triggering multidimensional awareness in many, people will not only have to reconsider their own roles in how they interface with mother earth but also become aware of other intelligent life in many diverse forms. Even beings of nefarious intent  who have been manipulating reality as we know it from their "hidden Spheres".

While many beings from many realities, cosmic and terrestrial, are here to assist humanity in its transition, there are also other alien realties here for more sinister purposes. As many awaken from their third dimensional slumber this is important to address as it might catch some people unawares and definately should be mentioned in the light of humanities race towards a technocratic future.

Today, it is no secret that humanity has been manipulated and exploited by certain elite and ruling families for generations. What is being revealed here is how they have been working compliantly and/or subconsciously with beings from an alien origin.

The "transhumanist agenda" pointed to by many writers and speakers today, is well in its advancement across the Globe. A plethora of Hollywood movies and television series over the last couple of decades such as Lucy, Transcendence, The Matrix, Ex Machina and many others, seemingly fantastic to the eyes of those empathically divorced from nature and their soul realties, are in fact embedding into the collective consciousness a potential technocratic prison that has multidimensional ramifications.

One here would point out that it is strange that many people scoff at the mention of divine and subtle realities but are all too willing to accept an alternate digital version of reality, into which they are fast being herded!

As new cosmic energies reveal our multidimensional ancestry and reality, humanity will come into contact with certain entities that have today become known as "The Greys". These alien beings work from more subtle dimensions of "reality" and have a nefarious investment in what is happening to humanity within this moment of collective awakening.

We will not here go into their history but attempt to explain how they are very much the manipulative hand behind todays transhumanist encroachment!

Many people today have mixed feelings about today’s rising technocratic society. Though it seems that for many, it has already been sold that this is the way humanity should go. Hollywood propaganda, Governmental regulation in education, medicine, welfare and other areas as well as one’s own addictions to social media and computer gaming are steadily forcing upon our organic world a designed inorganic circuitry to which we are being attuned. An elaborate digital paradigm that often seems to many, a more attractive alternative to the rather sick and mundane world that so many people lives have become.

It is this Attunement principle I would like to highlight in this piece!

We in our cities are being fast surrounded by a electronic digital world.

More spiritually inclined and aware beings are aware of their subtle bodies that we possess. These bodies we construct through our alignments, thoughts and energetic exchanges with various realities. Now with many people ATTUNING to digital frequencies I would ask people if they could conceive it to be possible to enter a world entirely fabricated and engineered by a nefarious intelligence simply through this process of collective attunement.

Unfortunately after certain multidimensional experiences of late, this writer says a definate yes!

In fact this digital world already exists!

In the Walt Disney movie "Tomorrowland" we have a group that has been able to create an alternate digital world. This is how they attempt to "save humanity" from impending disaster. This world is a projected frequency, which is implied through this film and others of its kind, to be projected from the moon, offering a seemingly fantastic reality which seems considerably more marvelous than our seemingly mundane and danger fraught 3d reality. However nothing is spoken about the cosmic and spiritual ramifications of this alternate reality and also the possibility that this "new world" could be controlled by darker alien intelligence!

It IS possible a persons consciousness is able to slip into this virtual world or even be harvested after death having attuned themselves to it for most of their lives. Energy follows thought and this is done through constant interplay with Artificial Intelligence and digital reality. Many people in the cities are disconnected from their organic/spiritual matrix and are unable to understand the implications of the subversion. In fact most are quite happily PARTICIPATING IN IT!

Already on subtle dimensional planes we are being interfered with by certain subtle tech devices developed by certain hostile intelligences and implanted with Nano technology unnoticed by those who are unable to awaken to subtle frequencies. However it seems that a rightly focused being can expel such tech from his subtle bodies as they are of a more refined matter but it will now become obvious why we are being chem sprayed, why nanotech is appearing in food and why they are pushing the microchipping agenda!

Attuning our gross and subtle bodies to certain frequencies as we continually interact with this technocratic world will subvert the collective human life field into an alternate prison reality!

As fantastic and surreal as this sounds this IS what is taking place on earth today and they are a lot closer to achieving this goal then what most people think! I have been shown The Greys have already subverted whole populations in this manner!

Yet it goes deeper with the understanding that Gaia herself has been under attack by such technology through various satellite and space stations as well as the rewiring of her surface through various means and methods. Humanity in its developing smart grids, Wi-Fi technology and even certain building certain monuments have been complicit to her torture and capture. The people have also become their own keepers and sustainers of their technocratic prison with few wanting to look at alternative viewpoints of the reality we are all experiencing.

Another consideration is that with the new awakening and access to many multidimensional frequencies is that the Greys have developed their own technologies to interfere with, piggyback upon or highjack certain frequencies to suit their own agenda. While attuning to divine or higher frequencies, an awakening being can be confronted by an off-planetary or inter planetary signal or frequency that is not from a divine or higher source and becomes confused or their processes distorted and interrupted. This is today being experienced by those awakening the new genetic light encodings within their being that are making accessible extra-planatery information and energies.

They have also created certain tech to interfere with subconscious and dreaming states as to alter people’s emotions and experiences. Thus affecting people’s moods in daily life or rewire their subconscious processes.

I would also like to mention the introduction of virtual reality headsets is a means of total disconnection from our subtle planetary grid. Our biological brain has many subtle connections and recievers to our planetary grid and cosmic intelligence, through which an awakening being experiences many multidimensional layers of reality and communication. Artificial electrical impulses and exposure to virtual reality headsets will in fact damage these subtle receivers and mess with our etheric antenae, possibly doing irreparable damage. It should be acknowledged that in recent years certain government and independent papers have been found and exposed to the public, that reveal certain entities in the world who are attempting to manipulate and control the collective human mind through external conditioning programs and technologies.

I have highlighted in previous pieces that cosmic evil needs human hands to implement their agenda to subvert the collective life field of humanity. This is done through programming systems and creating planetary confusion and fear to which so many researchers such as Sadiki Bakari and David Icke testify. The agenda is to divert humanities current planetary awakening and birth at its crucial phase of its development!

People should understand that with the current and ongoing planetary awakening and reconnection with the subtle energy grid of the planet to our cosmic divine origins, that many of our current technologies will soon become redundant and replaced by suitable, subtle  and more cosmic compatible means, in tune with universal harmony.

The new cosmic energies that are being experienced by many will provide new definitions of reality, awakening our dormant biological and spiritual faculties to a heightened and benevolent state of interacting with our reality. Truly mother Gaia’s treasure chest of love and knowledge has not even been touched by modern humanity as we begin to expand even beyond her borders, interfacing with benign and beautiful cosmic intelligence!

However, as many people testify that thought creates much of our experiences of reality and if humanity persists to deny the incoming light and information. If they seek to live at the expense of higher truths and ignore the obvious corruptions of the world to sell out for personal comfort and selfishness, then certain malevolent beings will provide the means for their choice.

A hyper controlled, self-generated alternate reality that is the ultimate lie!

Many in this world are today experiencing new frequencies of Light and everything is fast changing. This is a call for people to leave the Babylon matrix that threatens to suffocate us all. Those who are awakening are realizing that within this phase of the planetary shift we are being assisted by certain divine beings that have today come very close to the earth. We must look within, discern and make the necessary shifts to accommodate the new divine energies that are now entering our planet...