14-06-2016 00:00

Part 2

Many people today still laugh at the very idea of extra-terrestrial intelligence. They laugh even harder at the suggestion of an alien intelligence that is rumored to control and manipulate the planet. However for an increasing number of people, today, in the light of what is being revealed over the planet, this has become a very real possibility.

The global shift in consciousness is underway and with the in flooding new Aquarian energies triggering multi-dimensional awareness in many, humanity itself, will soon come to the collective realization that we are definitely not alone in the universe!

Even though many writers and speakers have pointed to this potentiality, taking much scorn and ridicule from the public, it does not take much research and reasoning to today surmise this as a possible reality. Like it or not, the coming period will bring about such a change in consciousness it will be up to us to assimilate this possibility as we unfold into its probability!

Full disclosure will probably not come from government authorities but from our own collective realization and remembrance.

The intent of this writer is merely to provide a guiding hand as humanity shifts into multi-dimensionality and takes up its position as an outpost of Light in this universe. With many veils now dissipating from groups within collective humanity, these writings are given to assist an awakening race as we rapidly move towards the greater shift. The coming rending of the veil between dimensions will be swift and in the understanding of what is unfolding it is best to be as prepared as we can for this impending transition.


I have talked previously that in order to manifest their plans, a certain nefarious alien intelligence needs to embed them within humanities collective consciousness to bring about their materialization and how often Hollywood film is used for this...

In the movie "The Golden Compass" we have an elite group called the Magisterium trying to control the planet by preventing knowledge of humanities cosmic connections to the greater universe. They invent a technological means through which they separate a beings personality from their soul. Placing a young child in an electric cage and through an undisclosed means of frequency, light and electricity they literally cut off the child’s soul connection. I would like to say that this is an analogy of a collective process which is well underway today...

As was explained in the first part of this piece, humanity continues to enclose itself in an EMF/digital prison. As we ourselves are electromagnetic beings, such distortive and imposed frequencies can alter and disrupt certain inherent cognitive processes, alter our physical chemistry and damage our subtle and biological receptors, creating major impediments not just to our physical health but also to our current collective process.

We are in the advancing stages of cosmic reconnection as the subtle planetary grid is now being re-aligned with our true divine source. This complex energetic matrix is also what transmits certain cosmic and divine energies, intelligence and encodings to our individual and collective being. The implications of an activated global wide satellite/Wi-Fi network are nothing but a disguised attempt to interfere with these energies and encodings, damaging and entrapping our earth mother as well as imprisoning humanity through frequency manipulation. "The Greys" in their understanding of how humanity is energetically connected to their earth mother, seek to further corrupt the reforming planetary grid which has been achieved in the past in their attempts to shut down the human race. The distortive and interfering frequency through satellite/ Wi-Fi technology is seeking to corrupt our higher biological mutation into the new light frequency which many of us our now experiencing.

Mother earth is a living being who is today going through her own catharsis. She is being attacked incessantly by alien intelligence. Those people who have maintained a connection to earth or who are today attuning the new planetary configuration can see the severe effect such technology is having upon her!

The growing EMF frequency barrier is keeping us not just from connecting with our greater cosmic intelligence but is also repelling many benevolent cosmic beings who are here to assist us at this point of our planetary transition.

Through my personal experience, it seems that the Greys direct interface with humanity occurs in the state just between the frequency range of awakening and asleep. Which suggests why technologies such as our televisions and monitors are emitting at certain frequencies and why through technological interfacing they want most of our collective consciousness sustained within this spectrum. This keeps humanity in a semi hypnotic state, creating energetic bonds and karma within their controlled frequency bandwidth. They are capturing our collective mind and soul, collecting data to create mind files and generated "Avatars" in an attempt to subvert our consciousness into digitized inorganic bodies. This is how in the past the Brothers of Shadow were able to capture beings through a form of manipulation using certain "dreaming techniques". (See the piece THE BROTHERS OF SHADOW)

It is also why their controlled human agents are put through MK Ultra techniques, brain fracturing and military training- which are in essence the same thing!

They need to keep us fractured or in a state of semi-slumber so that we become more adept and familiar to living in our misaligned subtle bodies rather than grounded in our true spiritual center. This is done through the attunement of our subtle bodies to a digital frequency environment. It is all about consciousness transference as exampled by so many films in Hollywood today. Within this controlled frequency range they have certain subtle tech that can be used to further infiltrate us. Once digital avatars of people have been created in their generated virtual reality world, which have been aligned and calibrated to the personality, (this is done through created mind files given by the people themselves, through various social media,) the consciousness can be tricked to transfer into this digitized body.

What one is trying to make people aware of here, is that although the internet has provided an expedite means of accessing and transferring information so valued by the "truther community", it is the very time spent within the portal of interfacing through AI that is the problem. We must understand this energetically. Its controlled and manipulated frequency is the energetic wormhole to a virtual reality prison. In a state of constant engagement and attunement, our psyche and subtle bodies are actually being reconfigured and captured within a frequency range which will subvert our consciousness into the digital avatars of ourselves!

Basically saying- the longer we spend interfacing through certain artificial intelligence and the more energy we give to this portal, it will consume us regardless if one holds the belief that they are helping the world or not. We are here talking of a complete subversion of the collective consciousness into a virtual reality world...That already exists!

It is happening very quickly.

Understand with the new planetary awakening and alignment, today, many people are experiencing subtle shifts into a true unified awareness and consciousness decentralization which enable greater empathic and latent gifts of spirit to be quickly recollected. In order to engage this process we must let go of artificial means of interacting and interfacing with our living environment. People will experience the awakening of their own dormant spiritual and biological capacities, obliterating the need for such reliance on artificial intelligence.

The choice is yours to which reality you wish to embrace...