God versus Maya & the role of SOPHIA

23-03-2016 00:00

When an unawakened human being dies, all that dies is error. Someone who isn't self-"real-ized" is not real.

When Truth presents itself in this world, it must present itself in the only way that ignorant and unreal human beings are able to accept it as a lie.

It must, of necessity, present itself in the forms and images of Maya (temporal illusion), because it is presenting itself to the mayavic mind of unawakened humans. There, it germinates as a seed, that if allowed to grow will eventually liberate one from the unreal to the Real.

This fact alone accounts for the different levels of realization and understanding. Some, after only on the path for a short while, will assume that they know everything. They have had a brief glance of Truth, but the veils of mind and body taint this vision, disturb it, and render it only *partially* true -- that is to say, NOT true. From *higher* levels on the ladder of ascent to self-realization, these glimpses of Truth will be understood as false and in turn will be falsified by still higher levels of realization. But only one who has actually realized the Self fully, knows Reality. Only those who know everything, know anything. They do not "speak" at all, since to communicate through words and forms is to communicate only falsehood and this they cannot and will not do -- they are benefactors of humanity, servants of the only Truth. As the Tao te Ching says, "He who knows, does not talk. He who talks does not know". Even Lao Tsu, however, broke his silence, to reveal something to those who were not the same as He  but even his brief text must be left behind. And the Buddha compares His teaching to a "raft" which must eventually be left behind before the other shore can be reached. Lao Tsu and Buddha are only names for the Unnameable.

They are not human as we understand that term. We cannot say what they are until we ARE They, for only like can understand like. But we cannot *become* them, either. What becomes, never IS. Being reveals itself to and as Being. We can use our will to negate the contents of the mind and its maya and that is all we can do.

Much is made of "free will" but we only have two choices to identify with Maya or to submit our human will and ego to the Self at which point the mind and its shadow images are gradually destroyed. If we take the first option, every subsequent *choice* is predetermined in an action-cause-effect manner - and karma is generated.

A momentum results from this cause and effect relationship and the result is our total life situation, judged as "good" or "bad" according to human standards, that is to say *unreal* standards. Only when the mind is subjected to will, the ego put in abeyance to Self, can this momentum be stopped.

The Self is the still point at the centre of the moving wheel of life and death. If we identify with that still point, we too become still. And when we become still, when the clouds of mind stop moving, we SEE, and we KNOW.

Karma does not stop with *death* -- it does not stop until the energy of its cause is exhausted, until we have become still. Karma and reincarnation occur only in the mind, which operates according to cause and effect. When the mind is stopped, they too stop and are recognized as fantasies.

Truth teaches the *absolute egoity* of the mayavic universe. God seeks God because nothing else is real. God, as Being, is the only "thing" that Exists. Humans, animals, ET's, starseeds, galactic federations, wars, sin, death only *subsist*. They are *real* only insofar as they are shadows cast by the light of the Real -- God. Shadows exist in the mind of man. The mind itself is a shadow, a reflection. All you have ever experienced are shadows. The ego is the Self *reflected* though the veils of mind and body where it --the Self -- seemingly takes on attributes. The Self has no qualities in itself, because being the ONLY reality it cannot be related to anything else -- there IS nothing else, so what could it be related to?

Qualities *subsist*, they do not Exist. They exist only in relation to *other* qualities and have no intrinsic existence of their own. They exist only insofar as they have their ground in something -- the Self – which *Really* Exists and can never stop existing. "Being cannot not Be, so Being always Is". It is eternal, without beginning or end. Qualities exist as *relations* -- good is non-existent without its relation to evil and vice versa. Please understand this -- many talk about how "evil is a very real thing in this world". Yes, but this world is a fiction. It is real, like anything else, until we stop dreaming. "Everything I am and will become is part of the dream, so the dream is real to me".

If you want to discover the Self, you must step *outside* the dream into that spaceless, timeless, quality-less realm that exists eternally.

God does not interfere in the dream. God is the Real and does not *act* within the false. When you step outside the dream you will see that nothing, in truth, exists besides God. No suffering, no death, no sickness, no sin, no good, no evil, no incarnation, no reincarnation. You will see that you cannot die, because you, the Self, were never born. Everything in this realm, the ONLY thing in this realm, is the Self, beginningless and endless.

How do you get there?

You don't. Remember what was said above. Everything you experience in this world, in the universe of space and time is unreal. That includes you. That includes "reality" and "unreality". If you have a vision of God in this world, it is ultimately false or a "really existing false reality" which means the same thing. It is "God" reflected through the mayavic mind and body. "You", as a reflection of Self, must pass away completely. You must learn how to "die daily".

You must not be deceived by ANY notion. You must not even think in terms of "Reality" and "Maya" since everything in this realm, exists only in relation to its opposite notion. God exists in relation to 'Not God', "sin" in relation to "holiness", *reality* in relation to *maya*. Thus, if you *try* to free yourself from a non-existent illusion and seek reality, you will only be further "bound" to that illusion, which is the opposite force activated by seeking one "pole" of the magnet and thus attracting the other.  "Those who seek to free themselves from defilement, only sink into it more deeply".

What shall we DO then? We seek by not-seeking, we do by not-doing. Then the gift of God will be freely given to us, without any cost. It will come as if by *Grace*.

Now, there is another false notion to be dispelled. God does not love you.

As a separately existing *thing* you have no substantial existence apart from God, so there is nothing to love. God did not create humans out of love, for there were no humans at the time of creation and moreover, creation, action, are not something that God even does. Action, being energy, movement is not Being, which is changeless. Action, creation, occur only in the mind where the law of action and reaction, cause and effect, operate. Being does not DO anything. It just is. If God is the only thing that exists, God can only ever will God. This is how it was in the

(timeless) beginningless beginning which is also the endless end. "I am the first and the last, the beginning and the end".

If there was never a time when God was not, then *when* did God create? He did not. He never has and never will. Creation occurs only in the mind, space and time. "Love" comes later, as a kind of first attribute, when God *apparently* divides himself. There must be two beings in order for love to occur. There are NOT two beings. You cannot cut what is Everything into two pieces. Love belongs also to the realm of illusion, but it is, as it were, the first thing to occur. God *divides* into male and female, father and mother, husband and wife, Shiva and Shakti, Spirit and Matter, Consciousness and Energy and Love exists as a third thing, a force of attraction between opposites, which exists between the two. This is the source of the true Trinitarian doctrine. Male, Female, and the Love between them. Three things.

And this is the only way for God to know God -- via reflection. In Christianity, we see this paradox of division without division "In the Beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word WAS God". The Word is Energy, or sound/vibration. It reflects and is inseparable from God. It is absolute Reason, which is absolute - or causeless cause - and substance of Reality. It - Shakti - *does* everything. It creates, sustains, and dissolves the manifest universe into God and then flings it forth again. The created universe is nothing but God playing hide and seek with Itself!

Shakti is the reflection of Consciousness-Being, Shiva. Only by Shiva's unchanging Light, can Shakti see itself and take itself to be the only thing that exists. It can turn upward as it were, in which case it understands itself as a reflection of God, or it can mistake that light for its own. This latter is the source in Gnosticism of the Fall of Sophia (Shakti) and her offspring, the ignorant creator or demi-urge. Sophia (Shakti) wanted to create without her husband (Shiva in Hinduism). She didn't KNOW that husband because He is invisible and is only *reflected* in her. She gives birth to an *abortion* that is to say, an abortive thought or logos which takes itself as the sole reality and cause of itself, and this then creates Maya, illusion. I exist out of myself as the cause of myself "I am everything" this child says, because it cannot see the Light which reflects on it, just as the eye cannot turn to look at itself. " I AM that I AM. I am God and there is no other, there is no there".

This thought, this false idea of Sophia or Shakti creates a succession of false emanations/reflections of itself, where the energy of Shakti is condensed into itself through its egocentric or centripetal nature and this results in the creation of lower emanations -- matter and human beings with egos which, like their creator, Sophia, think "I am the centre of existence". The result is complete antagonism with Truth, not only between humans, but everything in existence, and with "god" itself (the false god).

It's everyone for himself because, after all, everything is only reflecting its creator's self-centred thought and taking itself as the centre of existence. The mind and body are built according to, and reflect this thought through ALL levels of the organism -- thinking, emotion, right down to the basest instincts, and hence the mandate of 'survival' or the destruction of all other contrary egos that might threaten that mandate. 

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