God is not already Present, and you are not already God

11-03-2019 00:00

God Must Be Given and Allowed

Most religious and spiritual persons would at least argue that, "I already have God in my life". They do not want to believe that God must be Given.

They can thereby remain safe, secure, pleased, and vain in their delusions and illusions. Yet, they do not "already have God in their lives", and the evidence of their beings and lives bears witness to that fact: their state, qualities, and ways are not Godly. The egoic need for vanity will seize any opportunity to be fed, including using false ideas about itself and God for its meal. The ego does not require fact, real experience, or substance to find fulfillment; it can be nourished quite well on the un-true and insubstantial air and fluff of delusions and illusions.


Openly and honestly consider this idea: If you truly and deeply knew and felt that, "I already have God in my life", you would not be reading this Book. In fact, if that idea were true, you would not need or want to read any book. But, this is not easy for the egoically-controlled mind to admit.

Are you now feeling angry? Likewise, and for several reasons, if you truly and deeply knew and felt that, "I already have God in my life.", or that, "I Am God", you would not be angry when told that you do not already have God in your life, or that you are not God. You cannot be shaken when told that you are a man, or that you are a woman; and, would simply assume that the person who suggests otherwise is deranged since the fact of gender is typically so obvious. Also, you do not have to go through the day making conscious effort to remember your gender, so that you can act accordingly.

It comes naturally to act according to your essential gender-nature.


Likewise, if you already had God in your life, then you would not need to find What is already There; and, if your Identity was already that of God, then you would not need to try to remember Who you already are. To say that you are merely forgetting your Identity As God, is to also imply that God Forgets Himself. People like the easy way of "Becoming God", by stating that, "I already Am God, and I just need to remember that". However, God's Laws of Freedom do not bend or break to meet the psychotic wishes, delusions, and illusions of a human being. (Are you really already God? Do you actually feel and act the way which you imagine God "Feels" and Acts?

Do you truly feel Infinite, Formless, and Full? Do you actually feel so Happy, such that you could not stand to be any more Blissful? And, do you really ever act any other way but for selfish gain?)


Furthermore, God Allows all beings to choose or reject Him. Therefore, God would not Impose Himself Into and Throughout their beings and lives. But, by stating that they "already have God in their lives", religious and spiritual persons are indeed saying that God has already Imposed Himself into their beings and lives. Primarily due to vanity, while not excluding the other two egoic needs, people like to think that they "already have God in their lives". They do not want to accept the facts that God is not "a given" in life, and that, out of Love, God is largely "Hands-Off" regarding humanity.


God Is Not "A Given", But Is Given


God is not "a given" in life; but, He does Give Himself. And, God Gives Himself only to those who truly turn to Him, and who are sincerely, deeply, passionately, and desperately seeking to Realize Him and His Way. God's Perfect Love is reflected in His Wondrous Design of life. It would be an awful fate for an ordinary, religious, or spiritual person, if he were to be directly Confronted with God and His one Way, and if that individual were not sincerely desirous of That, and were still very much clinging to and enamored of himself and his life. To be excruciatingly fearful on conscious and unconscious levels, as is the ordinary, religious, and spiritual person, and yet to be directly and personally Confronted with Freedom and Its Way, and to be (hypothetically) Forced to live accordingly, would only drastically magnify the always-present fear. This, God would not Do.


by Dava Prakasha