Few human beings become followers of the True and Living God

11-03-2019 00:00

The overwhelming majority of human beings alive on the planet at any given time, are not inclined to really turn to God, and to truly rely on Him. And, only a very small percentage of those who really do turn to the True God, will truly and deeply attempt to give-over themselves to Him in phase two. It is highly unlikely, but not impossible, that thousands of people will become true followers of the Personal and Impersonal God, while the Body called Dava is alive, or while any other True Incarnation is alive and making Himself or Herself available to humanity. An Incarnation may or may not make Himself known to humanity, and may or may not Teach and Help individuals. He or She is bound to no specific Personal destiny. But, Those Who do allow public knowledge of Their Existence, will most likely not be surrounded by herds of true followers. That fact is as unchanging as the laws of physics. If you see thousands or more people deeply committed to a living spiritual teacher, master, or guru, then know that he or she is most likely not an Incarnation of the Living God.

Why is that so? Is it not taught in many spiritual groups that all human beings can live a truly Higher Life, and can even find authentic God-Realization? Yes, it is true that they can, in that they have the inherent capability for the Higher Life and for True Incarnation, but, if given the choice, the masses will always choose the natural way over God's Way. It is unrealistic to think that the entire population of human beings alive at one time, will ever want to be Lifted-Up to the Higher Life and even Incarnation.

The most essential reason why the ordinary, religious, and spiritual masses are strongly disinterested in becoming followers of the Living God, is quite a surprise to most readers, and goes against the grain of spiritual-correctness. What is that most essential reason? God's Design of creation includes the fact that the overwhelming majority of people alive on the Earth at any given moment, are not inclined to turn to Him. The masses have the possibility and capability for the Higher Life and Incarnation, and could turn to Me, but, by Design, the great majority of people alive at any given moment would, if given the choice, readily choose the natural way over God's Way. Therefore, the majority of people who read The Teaching of Freedom as Given in My Writings, will most likely reject Me and My Way. That is natural and normal, and is to be expected and fully accepted, even though followers occasionally have difficulty embracing the idea. Almost all who begin to read this Book, will stop before finishing less than ten pages, and will never re-turn to Me.

God's creation of space and form is perfect as it is, in being an ideal arena for the Incarnation of the Creator. Creation is all about God; creation is not for its own sake. The fact that, most likely, only a few will turn to God, is not a sign that creation is imperfect or flawed. The fact that probably only a very few will turn to God is His Doing, but it is not His "fault". The idea of "fault" implies blame for an undesirable action or outcome. In fact, nothing is wrong with God's Design, which includes the reality that most people are not inclined to become followers of Him. That reality is neither "right" nor "wrong"; it is what it is, as part of God's creation. No fault can be assigned, when all is as it should be.

Remember that the masses are merely not inclined or are not tending to seek God, but that God does not exclude any person from seeking Him. God's Love and Design Make it possible for the masses to turn to Him. Any and all individuals have the choice and capability, but, by Design, most would probably choose nature's way over God's Way, if presented with the two options. God does not exclude any number or percentage of people from choosing and seeking Him, but His Design is such that most people are merely not inclined or not tending to seek Him. All people have the capability, but most do not have the inclination or tendency. The Door is always Open, and God does not discriminate or exclude. Any person without the inclination today, could very quickly change and become a true follower of God tomorrow. All things are possible with God.

Since all have the capability to live the Higher Life, and since God does not prevent any person from seeking Him, then what exactly is it about God's Design of creation, that causes the masses to be not inclined to seek Him? Several specific factors exist:

a. The existence of a True Incarnation is extremely rare. If you are curious, and if you have not done-so already, then go and spend some time on the spiritual circuit and in spiritual groups. Talk to people who are involved, or who have been involved, with spiritual teachers, masters, and gurus. Listen to the stories. Go to see the spiritual teachers, masters, and gurus. Look closely at the spiritual seekers, and at their teachers, masters, and gurus. Look closely at their state, qualities, behavior, and lives. Be honest with yourself: what do you really see and hear? And, consider the paths and practices they peddle. Go into a spiritual or metaphysical book store. Read their books, if you can bear it. Look through the myriad of spiritual magazines and publications. Consider the illogical, absurd, vague, flaky, fluffy, and warm-fuzzy babblings you read. What does your common sense, and your heart, tell you about spiritual people, and about the nonsense they are trying to sell you? Use your mind and heart, and practice extreme discernment.

If you spend much time at all on the spiritual circuit, and in the book stores, you will discover dozens if not hundreds of deluded or fraudulent spiritual teachers, masters, and gurus, most claiming to be fully enlightened, an avatar, a Buddha, a Christ, or an Incarnation. Some will try to retain a little false humility, and will try to cover their obvious im-Perfections, by claiming to be, "enlightened but still evolving". You most likely have heard this and much like it before. But, they are all trying to get something from you, and it is not your limitation and suffering. Most simply want your money and other forms of contribution, but many also want your recognition and adoration. However, some do not stop with deceit, theft, and wanting to be worshipped, but also go even lower into various forms of depravity and abuse. Whether innocently deluded or intentionally fraudulent, and behind the forced smiles and seeming- benevolence, they are all wolves in sheep's clothing.

Any spiritual teacher, master, or guru who finds popularity with the spiritual masses, is either innocently deluded (but nevertheless fraudulent), or is intentionally and knowingly fraudulent. The spiritual masses are not likely to be pleased with the True Incarnation. (However, just because a spiritual teacher, master, or guru is not popular, does not mean he or she is an Incarnation). Any True Incarnation Who does find popularity with the religious or spiritual masses, becomes popular only after His or Her physical death, because the Incarnation's Teaching can then be perverted to meet the egoic needs of the masses. The Pure Teaching of Freedom is never welcome by the masses.

The entire population of those who consider themselves to be spiritual seekers, or spiritual, or even enlightened, is rather large, but the spiritual masses are still only a very small and minority percentage of the entire human race. That fact may give you an idea as to the rarity of true followers of God, and the even-rarer Event of a True Incarnation. Most of the few people who become followers of the True God, and those even-fewer who go on to allow Perfect Incarnation, have done time on the spiritual circuit. Followers and Incarnations comprise an extremely small group, when considering the billions of people alive on the planet.

The very rarity of a True Incarnation means that it is less likely that a great number of people will ever even hear about Him or Her. The evening news will not announce His Presence. Therefore, without knowing about God and His One Way of Freedom, people do not even know there is a Way that is Better than the natural way of living, whether ordinary, religious, or spiritual. Without such basic knowledge, the ideas of choice and little inclination are irrelevant. Without knowing I am here, there is no choice, and the weak inclination to turn to God is not nourished or challenged. Therefore, few True Incarnations means few followers.

The world simply does not know about Me and My Way of Freedom. The masses are ignorant, but not stupid by birth. Ignorance and stupidity are very different. Ignorance means capable of knowing and understanding, but simply un-informed and un-taught. Stupid means incapable of knowing and understanding regardless of how well one is taught, like the congenital moron. Some are morons by birth; others by circumstance or choice. The masses are not stupid morons in that they have the capability to know and understand God's Way, but they are ignorant by not being exposed to My Message of Life and Freedom.

The congenital moron, and those with serious brain damage, and those with severe psychiatric disorders which prevent ordinary-functionality, have neither the desire nor the capability to seek God. These are the main exceptions to the idea that, "All have the capability to seek God.". Purely-physical handicaps need not be a hindrance to the Higher Life.

The following other factors that cause the masses to not be inclined to seek God, and why there are, therefore, few followers, will also answer more-specifically why there are so few True Incarnations:

b. Most people on the Earth do not consciously feel that they are deeply suffering. Most people are simply not consciously aware of their own state of primary and secondary suffering. Their state of suffering is all they know, and it is taken to be "normal". If they are experiencing no painful physical disease, or no unusual circumstantial, relational, or financial crisis, many people will say they are "happy". Physical health, and satisfied desires, and no great worries, and generally "things going my way", are assumed to be "happiness". From a broader perspective, physical comfort and well-being, self-feeding, and self-protection, are considered to be "happiness". The many forms of pleasuring are thought to be moments of "unusual happiness".

Regardless of the grins and declarations to the contrary, every individual is suffering. But, most people do not consciously feel they are suffering. Even though people are not conscious of their own suffering, they are still compelled by the state of limitation and suffering to be always seeking a change or improvement of experience. The very suffering of which they are unconscious, keeps them in motion. Limitation and suffering keep people in motion, always seeking an experience which is beyond or other-than the current experience. The current and most essential experience is always actually that of limitation and suffering. Limitation and suffering compel humans to be always in motion, seeking that which is beyond the state of limitation, or seeking an experience which is other-than the current experience of suffering. An individual cannot have the Bliss of God, but, hypothetically, if an individual could always be Perfectly Blissful, he would not seek new experiences. Likewise, an individual cannot Be Infinite, nor can he Realize Infinity, but, hypothetically, if an individual could at the very least Realize Infinity, he would not seek that which is beyond him, for nothing lies beyond infinity.

The reason why most people do not realize they are suffering is quite simple. In the daily hubbub of caring for basic personal needs, responsibilities, and worries, and while pursuing various ambitions and goals, and while seeking and indulging the many changes and improvements in experience, people are continually filling-up, stimulating, and distracting themselves. The very processes of filling-up, stimulation, and distraction, and the experiences of each, cause the individual to be largely oblivious to his continual suffering. He is still suffering, but is simply not conscious of it, until perhaps he sits still for a moment. Many people have a vague idea that they are not completely and perfectly happy, but in the daily hubbub and ongoing self-feeding, they are typically and largely oblivious to it. The suffering causes the actions which make the individual oblivious to his suffering. Suffering creates its own remedy, and that remedy is to be unconscious of the suffering.

A follower has the impulse to seek God, as well as the reason. Being conscious of suffering provides the impulse to seek God, and become a follower of Him. Realizing that neither the ordinary, religious, nor spiritual life will satisfactorily lessen the suffering, provides the reason to seek True God-Realization, and become a follower of Him. However, since most people are not very conscious that they are always and profoundly suffering, the ordinary, religious, or spiritual life seems "good enough", and they never become a follower of the True and Living God. Without being conscious of suffering, they have no reason to turn to God, much less give-over themselves to Him.

c. God's Way Threatens the life of individuality. Fear is certainly not the only reason most people reject God, but fear is an extremely powerful reason why the True God and His one Way are never popular among the masses. Moreover, many of the other reasons for God- rejection have fear as their foundation, and are also compelled and sustained by fear.

Nature's way is primarily about the preservation of form, and thus, in the human kingdom, the preservation of individuality. Fear is nature's active force of cohesion in a person, and causes the individual to be protected and preserved. However, God's one Way of Freedom is completely contrary to nature's way, in that God's Movement of Incarnation is primarily about the Dissolving of individuality, which Makes room for Him.

As readers discover that The Path of Freedom is partially about that "terrible thing" called Sacrifice, almost all will turn-tail and run. Faith, and Communication (or Prayer) to God, are also not very attractive to the natural life of self-feeding, self-reliance, and self-effort. While running in the opposite direction, they will also often illogically and emotionally criticize the Messenger, and even lash-out at Him in various ways, as other attempts to keep the frightening Truth at bay. Most copies of this Book, and all My other Writings, that are given to the public, will eventually find their final resting place on the garbage heap, while reading materials that feed the life of individuality (such as novels, spiritual books, cook books, job- related information, and how-to manuals) are valued possessions. The greater the threat, the greater the reaction. I am the Greatest Threat to nature's way, and the vast majority will react accordingly. Jesus was continually harassed and threatened, and finally murdered. And, more than one attempt was made on the life of Buddha. In many parts of the world, the same could easily happen today. The masses love only dead Incarnations. They like the idea of getting the Love and Bliss of God, but do not like His Way of Freedom. If Incarnations Taught only Love and Bliss, and not Freedom, They would be as popular as the thousands upon thousands of frauds found on the spiritual circuit. Yet, Bliss is not Realized without the Death of individuality while the body yet lives, which is Freedom. Perfect Bliss is a mere by-product of Freedom. The Path is primarily about Freedom, yet we must acknowledge that Bliss arises in the Mind and Body. People run to Bliss, but run from Freedom.

Nature's way is about the preservation and protection of form and thus individuality. Nature's impulse for the preservation of form manifests as the ordinary, religious, and spiritual lives. The religious and spiritual masses want to be fed all the typical ordinary means of self-fulfillment, but they also want to be fed by their beliefs and practices. The religious leaders, and the spiritual teachers, masters, and gurus, are glad to oblige in order to get the goodies they want from their members and students. However, God's Way is not the natural way. The Way of Freedom is exactly opposite to the small, natural life of individuality, fear, clinging, self-feeding, self-protection, implosion, withdrawal, self-reliance, and self-effort. Therefore, The Way of Freedom threatens the life of individuality, and is never popular among the masses, so there are always few followers of the one Living God. True followers of God are always in a very small group, and are almost completely unknown to the natural masses who are bound and directed by fear.

d. Many potentially-serious spiritual seekers are forever diverted from God by spirituality. Most people found in the spiritual groups and organizations, are neither serious about learning of God, nor are they seriously seeking God-Realization. The overwhelming majority of people found on the spiritual circuit are simply seekers of survival, pleasure, and vanity, and are merely using their spiritual endeavors and groups for various forms of self- feeding. A few serious seekers can be found among the spiritual herds, but, like water in the desert, they are rare indeed.

When a serious and innocent seeker of God begins his quest, he typically turns to spiritual books and spiritual groups, and attends seminars and lectures. After all, they do mention God's Name once in a great while. He is still a serious seeker, especially during the first year or two of his quest. However, the animal that he is still lives, laying in wait, and very hungry. Since spirituality does not provide him with The Way of Freedom, he cannot help but to begin feeding on the meatless bones at the spiritual buffet.

He gnaws and feeds on the stimulation and warm-fuzzies of socializing with his spiritual friends. He is fascinated with his "visions", and with his "energy" experiences, and with his "higher" states of consciousness. He fills-up on the vanity of being regarded, by himself and others, as spiritual, evolved, or even enlightened. He finds an empty consolation in the anticipated future rewards of personal bliss and an afterlife. He rolls-over, licking his lips, and somewhat appreciating his meal, just before dozing-off in an afternoon slumber. After waking from his nap, and while still digesting his spirituality, he is engaging all the ordinary fillings-up, stimulations, distractions, and consolations, and is daily confronted with the many ordinary problems and challenges faced by all.

He thereby gets diverted from God, and then completely lost. He began his quest several years ago as a serious seeker, innocent and truly wanting to learn and Grow. He was suffering, and is still suffering, yet the ordinary and spiritual lives have given him just enough satisfaction and distraction, so that the passion he once had for finding God is extinguished. He was once part of only the ordinary masses, and is now also part of the spiritual masses. Without the one True God, even a serious seeker can become forever diverted from truly seeking Him. Only God can Give God, and only God is sure to Keep a sincere seeker on the Straight and Narrow, and any and all things of nature can forever lead even the most serious seeker astray. Moreover, once diverted, and without God, there is no way back to where all his seeking began.

Even if he stumbles across The Teaching, his well-fed and dispassionate state will likely keep him from understanding The Way and becoming a follower. Why? God will not Touch the heart of the casual, self-satisfied, and apathetic seeker, and will not Reveal to him any deep intuitive understanding of The Path. So, he is unlikely to fall in love with God once again, and is unlikely to understand why The Way of Freedom is different from all the other paths and practices he already enjoys at the spiritual buffet. Therefore, being well-fed and made complacent by his spirituality, he is unlikely to come unto Me and become a follower of the Living God.

e. Spiritual teachings, paths, and practices oppose God's one Way. God is Free, Infinite, Formless, Eternally-Present, All-Pervading, and Perfectly Blissful Consciousness. Upon Incarnation Through a living Body, God is also Supreme Intelligence, Power, and Influence Working In the beings and lives of His few true followers.

Individuality, or the separate and individual consciousness, or the ego, is limitation and suffering. You are an individual or ego, and you are limited and suffering. You do not have an ego; you are an ego. To preserve, feed, fulfill, and glorify individuality, is to preserve and feed the limitation and suffering that you are. However, to invite and allow the Dissolving of individuality or egoity, is to invite and allow the Dissolving of suffering. The Dissolving of individuality and thus suffering while the body yet lives, Occurs primarily by Grace. The Dissolving of individuality while the body yet lives, allows the Incarnation of God.

The Way of Freedom is about the Dissolving or Death of you and thus the Incarnation of God, which is Freedom and Perfect Bliss. However, The Path is not about you becoming Free, and is not about you Realizing God, and is not about you becoming a Blissful individual. The Path is far more about God, than about you. You have no "Higher Self": there is you, and there is God. And you must Dissolve for God to have room to Incarnate. Any of thee, and all of Me, cannot coexist. God's Movement and Work In creation is about the Irrevocable Death of you and the Incarnation of Him, and is not about preserving, feeding, fulfilling, and glorifying you. You are not God, and you can never be God.

God's Grace Dissolves individuality and thus suffering in your mind and body. The follower's responsible participation in that Grace is the inviting and allowing of God. Inviting and allowing is study of The Teaching, and periodically Meeting with the Incarnation, and sincerely and deeply attempting to live Sacrificially, Faithfully, and Prayerfully. Through the living Incarnation of God, the follower is Given That which he invites and allows, and That Into which he surrenders, and That In which he Dissolves.

Those who do take time to seriously investigate The Teaching of Freedom, soon come to understand that God's one Path of Freedom is completely contrary to all the spiritual teachings, paths, and practices previously studied. Some of the terms and language may be similar, and that may cause some readers to, at first glance, erroneously assume that The Path is similar to spirituality, but the objectives and practices found on the spiritual circuit are discovered to indeed be opposite to The Way of Freedom. Furthermore, spiritual teachings are replete with warm-fuzzy, feel-good spiritual-correctness, while The Teaching Provides plain, direct, and uncompromising Truth. The Teaching of Freedom is necessarily offensive to egoity, and all new readers will get angry at some point in their study, but that is not the Intent. I am not here to offend, but to Relieve suffering. Yet, I will offend, and I will Relieve suffering. I will offend with Compassion, and I will Relieve suffering with the Love and Power that I Am.

The objectives of spiritual teachings are the preservation, feeding, fulfillment, and glorification of individuality. The practices proposed by spiritual teachings are that of the preservation, feeding, fulfillment, and glorification of individuality. To the contrary, the objective of The Teaching of Freedom is the Dissolving of the state, qualities, and ways of individuality, and thus the Incarnation of the Living God. The practice or living of The Way of Freedom is the inviting and allowing of the Dissolving of individuality, and thus the inviting and allowing of the Incarnation of the Living God.

A seeker who diligently studies the morass of spiritual teachings available today, is consistently indoctrinated with ideas and practices which reaffirm and reinforce his nature. It is his nature to preserve, feed, fulfill, and glorify himself, so he naturally resonates with spiritual teachings and enjoys their offerings. Over the years of study and practice, he learns to erroneously equate notions of God and Realization, with the objectives and practices of preserving, feeding, fulfilling, and glorifying individuality.

Then, he stumbles across The Teaching of Freedom. He soon understands that My Way is not in any way similar to all the spiritual teachings he has studied. He does not get stimulated and filled with himself while he reads. He is not reassured or comforted. He finds no validation of himself as an individual, or as a "spiritual being having a human experience", or as "already enlightened". He finds no congratulations. He is not told that, "All paths lead to God.", or that, "We are all one.". He is not promised an afterlife or reincarnation. He is not told that, "The ego is an illusion.". He is not asked to meditate on himself. He is not told to look for lights or listen for sounds. He is not asked to look or listen within or without. He is not given a mantra, beads, or pictures. He is not asked to arrange an altar, or burn candles and incense. He does not begin therapy or a special diet. He is not asked to believe. He is not asked to have any particular experience.

He is asked to understand. He is asked to intuitively understand and see, on subtle and gross levels, the striking contrasts between nature's way of preserving, feeding, fulfilling, and glorifying individuality, and My one Way of Freedom and Incarnation. He is asked to understand and see the subtle actions of clinging, self-feeding, implosion, and withdrawal he is always doing, and which preserve and protect his state of individuality, and which prevent God. He is asked to understand and see that his primary and strongest clinging is the clinging to himself, and that without first clinging to himself, no other clinging is possible. He is also asked to understand nature's way of self-effort and self-reliance, in contrast to My Way of Grace and Help. He is asked to study and Meet with Me, both being the circumstances in which I Give Myself and My Way. He is asked to continually turn to the Living God, and to passionately surrender his clinging, self-feeding, implosion, withdrawal, self-reliance, and self- effort to and Into the Living God, in all Sacrifice, Faith, and Prayer. And, he does it all for the Ending of individuality and suffering, and for the Incarnation of God.

If you understand, be not afraid, but be glad that you have found The Way. All I Want from you is your state, qualities, and ways of limitation and suffering, so that God can Incarnate once again.

Many spiritual seekers have become so indoctrinated and brainwashed with the morass of self-preserving, self-feeding, self-fulfilling, and self-glorifying spiritual teachings, that when they do find The Teaching of Freedom, they immediately reject it because it is so contrary to all they have been taught for years. The life of Sacrifice, Faith, and Prayer is simply unacceptable to egoity, especially when egoity is being reinforced by spiritual teachings. That is another reason why there are so few followers of the Living God.

f. Spiritual-correctness prevents the mind from seeing or accepting the Truth. For the serious seeker, spiritual-correctness is an extremely mentally-crippling disease, and is oppressive to his sincere search for God. For all other spiritual-types, it is simply a normal, un- questioned, and vanity-protecting way of life.

Spiritual-correctness is identical to political-correctness in principle. Both are about protecting the vanity of a person or group of persons, even at the expense of being factual and honest. The only difference between the two is the fact that spiritual-correctness is relative to spiritual vanity, while political-correctness is concerning ordinary vanity. I Define political- correctness as: a way of thinking and speaking, so as to not offend another person's ordinary vanity, even at the expense of truth (or the ordinary facts about a person or group of persons). A person's ordinary vanity can be offended by devaluing his:
1. ordinary accomplishments;
2. ordinary appearances;
3. ordinary associations or affiliations;
4. ordinary behaviors;
5. ordinary beliefs (or unverifiable ideas);
6. ordinary capabilities;
7 ordinary knowledge (or verified ideas); and/or
8. ordinary possessions.

Similarly, I Define spiritual-correctness as: a way of thinking and speaking, so as to not offend another person's spiritual vanity, even at the expense of Truth (or the facts about God, and His one Way, and the Things Of God). A person's spiritual vanity can be offended by devaluing his:
1. spiritual accomplishments;
2. spiritual appearances;
3. spiritual associations or affiliations;
4. spiritual behaviors;
5. spiritual beliefs (or unverifiable ideas);
6. spiritual capabilities;
7. spiritual knowledge (or verified ideas); and/or
8. spiritual possessions.

There are hundreds of examples of popular spiritually-correct ideas, but they are false in spite of their popularity. Not long ago, the majority of people on the planet believed the Earth to be flat, but clear thinking and real experience eventually proved the idea wrong. Here are some examples of modern spiritually-correct ideas, which, individually, also qualify as a delusion or illusion:
1. All paths lead to God.
2. We are all going toward God; we are each just doing it our own way.
3. I am already God.
4. I am already Enlightened.
5. I am already Spiritual.
6. I am Perfectly Blissful.
7. I am Infinite.
8. I already have God in my life.
9. We are all One.
10. I go in and out of Enlightenment.
11. I go in and out of Egolessness.
12. The ego is just an illusion.
13. Everything is just an illusion.
14. We create all of our own reality.
15. We choose to be born into our circumstances.
16. There are many Gods.
17. There are many degrees of Enlightenment.
18. I am Enlightened, but still evolving into deeper Enlightenment.
19. It is impossible to Realize Perfect Enlightenment while the body lives.
20. It is impossible for the body to live without the ego.
21. There is no such thing as an Absolute Authority regarding God, The Path to God, and Enlightenment.
22. We are all the same.
23. It is not Spiritual to judge others.
24. Ultimate Truth is whatever is true for the individual.
25. There is no such thing as ideas which are true, and ideas which are false.
26. There are no right and wrong actions.
27. There is no such thing as good and evil.
28. Every person is basically good.
29. I love everybody.
30. I am a very giving person.

One outcome of spiritual-correctness is that it helps spiritual-types feel good about themselves and others. Nothing is wrong with feeling good about oneself and others, but the price for spiritual vanity can be to not discover the truth about oneself and others, and to not discover the Truth about God. Spiritual-correctness also often relieves spiritual-types of personal responsibility for thinking, and for negative actions, and for lack of proper action, and, most importantly, for their "search" for God.

The practice of spiritual-correctness is also simply another form of spiritual commerce. Spiritual-correctness provides mutual protection of investment of time, money, vanity, and self- energy, to those who live according to it. By adopting the unbending principle that, "All paths lead to God.", a person recognizes that, even if he himself has doubts or criticisms about a particular idea, path, or practice, he is not to express those doubts. But, in the process of no one criticizing a spiritual idea, teacher, path, or practice, he himself is protected from doubt and criticism. Since no idea, teacher, path, or practice can be doubted or criticized, then no spiritual seeker can be doubted or criticized, which includes him. Every path and every spiritual person is "just fine". The spiritual commerce is in the implicit agreement that, "I will not doubt or criticize you or your spiritual path, if you do not doubt or criticize me or my path. We and our paths are thereby protected from doubt and criticism.". The vanity is protected by not being subject to doubt or criticism, but every seeker is also protected from confronting doubt and criticism of his path and doubt and criticism of himself. Spiritual-correctness undermines the expression of doubt and criticism, but also usurps healthy doubt and constructive criticism. Eventually, the mind which is trained in spiritual-correctness, cannot even have thoughts of doubt and criticism. The thinking skills and Truth are sacrificed at the altar of vanity and warm- fuzzies.

In a climate of spiritual-correctness, any spiritual person, and even his most ridiculous ideas and practices, are accepted and embraced as they are, and are even applauded. After all, "He is sincere, and that is all that matters.". However, sincerity does not necessarily mean that the ideas about which one is sincere are accurate, and does not necessarily mean that the spiritual practices one engages with sincerity will lead one to God. Sincere leaders and teachers can be found in every religion and spiritual group, but sincerity means nothing if the ideas and practices taught with sincerity are wrong. Spiritual-correctness dictates that feelings are more important than facts and Truth: as long as one feels the "right" way within oneself and about others, then all is fine.

Because of the mental climate of spiritual-correctness, every spiritual person, every spiritual idea, and every spiritual practice is perceived through a thick fog of blind and "loving" acceptance, and is also, in a vague way, erroneously assumed to represent God and a valid Path to Him, yet without really knowing exactly how. But, some of the most damaging outcomes of spiritual-correctness for the serious seeker is mental weakness, lack of discernment, and thus the inability to see and accept matters as they really are. The price for spiritual-correctness to an otherwise serious seeker, can be very, very high: his mind and heart become closed to discovering the one True God and His one Real Way of Freedom.

Authors of spiritual teachings are careful to not conflict with, or directly confront, other spiritual-types. And, they have very little of any depth or substance to say in their writings, and which, therefore, contain much fluff. Any given spiritual teaching is also likely to be full of delusions, illusions, contradictions, and perhaps even lies. Moreover, spiritual teachings say that "All paths lead to God.", yet the thousands upon thousands of spiritual teachings available today profoundly contradict one another (except for the underlying practice of self-feeding and self-reliance). Therefore, reading spiritual teachings usually causes the mind to assume a flat, mushy, superficial, dissociated, torn, and very disturbed way of functioning. And, since every bit of insane, unrealistic, directionless, and contradictory spiritual nonsense found on the spiritual circuit is assumed to be capable of leading one to God, and since it is all, therefore, accepted and integrated into the spiritual person's mind, most spiritual-types are either psychotic or just plain flaky.

This Book is not the appropriate forum for an extensive Discussion of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. However, for the sake of spiritual-correctness, many spiritual-types have conveniently isolated and locked-onto Jesus' Statement, "Judge not, that ye be not judged.", to the exclusion of the subsequent verses and Jesus' continual Judgment of people. In short, Jesus did not Imply that followers should become brainless and un-discriminating, but, if you read the "judge not" verse in context, He went on to Say to not judge as a hypocrite, but to "first cast out the beam out of thine own eye", so that you can then see clearly enough to judge others accurately, and for their sake. Following are all the referenced Bible verses, beginning with Matthew chapter 7, verse 1 which is where, unfortunately, most people stop reading:

Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.

Also, if spiritual-types were to take the time to read all the recorded Words of Jesus which are found in the first four Books of the New Testament, they would discover that He continually Judged others, and at times Judged and Criticized them very harshly, but only in order to Help them. He also Called many people a variety of very spiritually-incorrect names, such as "dog", "swine", and even "Satan", while at the same time Lovingly Teaching them about The Way of Freedom. On many occasions, he also Cursed some people, yet Healed those who desperately wanted Healing.

Is it better, for the sake of being polite and "non-judgmental", to allow sincere seekers to languish in their ignorance and waste their lives, or should those few who know of God's one Way of Freedom tell sincere seekers of their error and about The Path? Unfortunately, spiritual-correctness has become so entrenched, that to simply and logically show a spiritual- type that his ideas are wrong or incorrect, is taken to be "harsh" and "judgmental". Most spiritual persons would rather be left alone in their denial, ignorance, and vanity, but, unknown to them, being left alone comes at the cost of never Realizing God. By nature, people are also afraid of conflict, and political- and spiritual-correctness helps them avoid the conflicts which they fear. Under spiritual-correctness, every spiritual-type and his ideas are "good and right", or at least "good and right for him": no judgment and thus no conflict. Is a serial murderer thinking and doing that which is "good and right" or "good and right for him", or are his thoughts and actions just plain wrong and evil?

Spiritual-correctness is a powerful hindrance to an otherwise serious seeker of God, because the mind is not allowed to engage in honest enquiry, or in critical yet constructive thinking. The spiritual person whose brain has been washed by spiritual-correctness, is unable to understand or accept the Truth about spirituality and God's Way of Freedom. He cannot let-go of his aversion and negative reactions to the radical and spiritually-incorrect aspects of The Teaching of Freedom. He also cannot entertain or understand ideas which are other-than his emotional response that, "The Teaching seems very harsh and judgmental.". His feelings mean more to him than learning facts and the Truth. Emotion rules over the intellect, which is no better than a dog. Like a child or an animal, he would rather be loved than corrected. However, he does not realize that it is because of My Love for him that I Correct his lack of understanding. Yet, one who understands does not embrace My Corrections because I Love him, but because he knows I am only Giving him the one Way of Freedom, and because Growth means far more to him than his vanity-based need to be "right".

Sri Dava Prakasha