11-03-2019 00:00

Jesus was murdered, and several attempts were made to kill Buddha, yet the religious and Spiritual persons of those days were applauded, supported, or at least left alone. If the same Bodies called Jesus and Buddha were alive today, the same could happen again in certain parts of the world, or They would at the very least find extremely strong outrage being directed at Them and Their Declarations. If the Body of Jesus were here today, and if He were to Correct the modern "Christian" Teaching, then those who had previously professed to be "Christians", would now totally reject Him.

Modern "Christians" believe in Jesus, only because they have perverted Jesus' Teaching in His Personal absence, and have conveniently ignored Biblical Statements which contradict their egoically-compelled ideas and dogma. Likewise, it is only because "Buddhists" have sorely distorted the Teaching of Buddha, and have likewise conveniently ignored the major Principles He Taught, that "Buddhism" thrives today. And, the Dalai Lama is merely an individual, and is sorely deluded about his "Buddhahood", yet he is revered because he tows the perverted, modern, buddhist party-line, and because he is spiritually-correct at every turn. However, neither modern christianity nor modern buddhism can lead one to Freedom, but, to the contrary, merely reinforce the natural life of self-feeding and self-preservation, and thus limitation and suffering. But, that is precisely why they are popular.

Modern christianity and buddhism are empty and bereft of Life, Love, and Freedom. However, people like dead or far-off Incarnations, since they can interpret Them and Their Teachings as they wish, for their own egoic expediency. Rejection, ridicule, and outrage are to be expected of any true Teaching. Nature is about the preservation of individuality, and the true spiritual Path is the exact opposite of nature's way. True Teachers speak Directly and Honestly about what God and the one Way are, and about religion and spirituality which embody what God and His Path are not. To thusly Speak Directly and Honestly about God and His Path, and about the many errors of religion and spirituality, completely offends the pervasive vanity-based attitudes of political- and spiritual-correctness. The Real Truth about God and His one Way, and the Truth about what They are not, are never popular.

Sri Dava Prakasha