Evil Influences from the closest non-physical realms

15-04-2016 00:00

I guess you know thoughts have a manifesting power. "Thoughts create." So, if you believe strongly in certain things and give a lot of energy to those thoughts, then "you will magnetise" those events, you bring them into existence. This of course also happens with convictions we - humanity - have together already for ages. We radiate them all the time. Creepy things like the devil and the "enemy", but also more general ones like nationalities or certain ("positive") ideals. Anything. Anything that keeps groups of people busy with concentrated thoughts, for that works best.

Much less known is the fact that these thought forms congeal into a thing. And then they are animated into a primitive entity. An alive being. A being with plans and survival strategies of its own. So, in other words: This devil, that first only existed in our thoughts to scare ourselves and each other, does exist now. It is real. Maybe not yet physically, but surely as a "mental parasite", because it feeds on our "I'm-scared-of-the-devil"-thoughts, and therefore it very much needs us to pay attention to those. So, what does he do? He contacts people who are susceptible to such thoughts, and hangs out there, stays for a while: this way they think much of the time of that devil - talk about it! - so he has a good meal. Besides, the circle of people that think about it expands more and more. Being visited by this parasite can be intense, or less intense. Varies from a complete permanent and heavy possession to occasional faint influences.

What do people generally think about, then? Politics, with all that it is about. Industry, production (weapons, hmmm!) Sports, Science, Culture. Ideals about how life and people should be, and become. In short: everything that puts groups of people against each other.

This already sounds like a pressure cooker without a safety valve, but there is more:

There are not only mental parasites, also "emotional" ones. What are they? Well, in the "hereafter" there are all those who do not have a physical body any more. But they still have an emotional ("astral") and a mental body. Those bodies are not eternal either. On the contrary, they are very much subject to decay as well. And when they cease to exist our soul is forced to incarnate into another physical body again because of its karmic debts. This is not a very pleasant perspective, as the physical world is much more intense and painful than the less dense realms, like the astral and the mental. Ask someone who had a near death experience: the astral world is "one flower garden" compared with this "gross syrupy mess of suffering". (Quotes from a friend of mine who "returned" from death.)

So what happens? These astral beings try to stay there where they are. They try to avoid ageing and dissolution of their bodies by feeding it with that what it is made of: emotional energy. How? By making humans radiate emotions and absorb that energy.

They co-operate closely with the "Aeons", the mental parasites. There, in fact, is a whole hierarchy of all sorts of parasites above each other, for they all have basically the same goal. If many people experience and radiate the same emotion, they can harvest a lot of food from that. Think of soaps on TV, the news, or sports matches. But also and especially groups of meditating people, or idealistic gatherings, spiritual meetings, or art expressions by many people, because that gives an high quality of emotional energy: the kind of food that nurtures them the best.

Together, these two sorts of parasites make the whole human world into a huge multidimensional chicken factory to provide their food. And we are the lay-hens!

The only way to escape from our lay-hen fate is spiritual awakening: This makes it possible to be disconnected from the Aeons, but they will try to connect you anyway all the time. And the astral ones will have much less to eat from you also, just because a really aware human being does simply not link up with such abusive things. He Knows. In the end a fully aware human being will leave this world and transcend the parasite levels as an ascended ex-lay-hen. Only then we are finally free from it.

So in short the astral and the mental beings benefit from keeping everything as it is, for then they have something to eat. The last thing they need is our full awakening to our godly nature: we might be contagious with that, and thus endanger their whole food supply!

If such a thing becomes possible, especially the astral ones are specialists to make us very miserable: The emotional body is their field, and they will use what they know! As long as we have not yet transformed completely both our lower (physical, emotional and mental) and our higher selves, we are still subject to such influence. Many people on the spiritual path know from experience that doubts and inner tensions get the worst when a spiritual inner breakthrough is on the verge. This is often (at least partly) due to influences of astral and mental beings. Also right after such an event it works the same: these beings try to keep the damage limited.

Our spiritual ignorance - and therefore our naivete - are much abused and exploited: many people are completely convinced to channel a being that is called "Ashtar", or "Archangel Blank" or "Dash", Jesus, Sananda; name them all. Or they invoke an energy with music or some meditation. Usually this comes down to connecting with some astral and/or mental being that literally feeds off these heavenly feelings that are evoked by telling these people what they like to hear. And they are surely not told what is really liberating - Truth - which is usually confronting, and therefore not wanted anyway. So here the ignorant lay-hens willingly bring their eggs to their exploiters! This used to happen primarily in churches, but these are running a bit empty these days, so now this happens also in spiritual workshops, group meditations, satsangs, healings, etc.

In the end, all these things only add to the vast energetic tensions that exist already, and they do nothing to transform them, for these still are just investments in opposing dualistic energies, that are already so strongly clustered that they soon will explode one of these days. As long as we pay attention to something that has an opposite, we feed that tension. Only mercilessly exposing this principle, and taking all the consequences, may make some difference. Not for avoiding these big discharges, for these are already unavoidable. We are way beyond the point of no return. But we can demonstrate how not to be involved in it. That is what spirituality is about: Leaving the dualistic universe. This will never happen by being busy in it. Never ever!