Disharmony on Earth

23-03-2016 00:00

The great majority of people in this world do not live in balance with the planet and all life on it. There is no harmony in mankind and therefore there is no harmony on Earth. 

Seeking for harmony and right acting and thinking is absolutely required before anyone can become Spiritual and truly Religious. People who lack innate harmony cannot be reached by Gnosis and no Salvation will ensue. People are hiding themselves against the Power of Light.

When finding the harmony within ourselves, this will lead anyone to building up relationships with other souls in the world also based upon harmony. People may then begin to understand that all souls are nothing else but parts of ourselves.

Humanity must first learn to establish true human relationships with their neighbours and all life on this planet, before they can ever establish a REAL-ationship between their spiritsoul and God.

But then it must first come to see in all clarity man’s little ego who is parading on the stage of life and who has been given the greatest priority thus far. In other words, humanity must first come to see the innate selfishness of the human being and how this little self is blocking the way to divine Harmony, and above all how the little ego is inclined to condition and limit mankind’s own life and other lives out of fear, despite all the 'good-doing' and nice words. Mankind must see in all honesty the shadow of the ego in man’s life; this is necessary in order to be able to cast away the darkness. Only so one can find one’s True SELF in all clarity. 

This is called in old traditions "Know Thyself".

Humanity's selfishness is responsible for the fact that life on Earth is ruled by the worldly law, resulting in coldness, violence and separation, if necessary being forced by the gun. It is the very demonstration that humanity has fallen from Divine Law.

Can we find here Unconditional Love? 

A great deal of humanity is starving and everywhere on the world local wars are being fought, resulting in the killing of many people. Even around the corner there seems to be "war" between gangs and even between common civilised people. The only reason why people are dying through starvation and diseases and through killing is MONEY and POWER based upon cold economical reasons. Even wars are instigated by economics and politics; people are even killing each other simply for money. It is the ultimate desire to separate oneself from the other and to separate oneself from God. 

The argument is simple: the other is wrong and therefore I have the right to stop him. This is what has been done during centuries in the past in the name of God. And this is still the case.

Mankind’s reaction is turning its head aside and say, well this is “reality”. And when man’s own country is involved in this, then patriotism and nationalism will justify the killing. Is this spiritual?

Nothing could be further from the Truth: where love is not, fear and separatism rule. And where love IS, fear is no more and separatism dissolves.

Separatism is but an expression of utter selfishness. All is vanity.

Mother Gaia, our Earth, is nearly plundered from all her resources; life is degraded to a mere technological machine life (which looks very much like the world in the movie The Matrix) but soon there are no resources anymore to feed this machine driven world and life. Haven't you seen how people are acting like mere automatons today?

Humankind is fouling its own nest. Land, water and air are highly polluted and authorities as well as humanity itself are frustating and even thwarting all attempts to restoration of the original, let alone to seek for final solutions. 

In ancient times humanity was granted the honour to be the steward of all of Earth's kingdoms: the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdom. However, due to its utter selfishness and ignorance humanity has completely forgotten what this responsibility truly meant. 

Right now he thinks that he owns all and that he has the right to sell and buy all the species of the lower kingdoms; he is killing, plundering and prostituting them.

Humanity has cultivated the habit to settle itself somewhere and after having used all the resources and after having polluted his environment, man then decides to move further to another place and leaves the polluted areas untouched. By far the great majority (and in particular in the west) has lost the ability to find a balance with nature. Humanity acts like an ill-mannered child.

There is but one other organism on Earth which is doing the same: a virus, which will leave its host preferably when he dies.

In every day's news we can read and hear this all pervading (mis)behaviour and arrogance towards life. And even the information from the media is polluted and distorted in an ever growing need to justify the own selfish conformity, conditioning, materialism and self-indulgence. In fact all news is only news when it testifies of terrifying atrocities, disasters and victims.

It is ignorance about the hidden reality in which mankind lives and exists, as well as ignorance about the inner spirit of man. Ignorance has caused the huge distraction from his godly Star.

It is an absolute trap. Mankind has fallen and is ever falling deeper in the abyss due to its ego's free will. Man has fallen from Grace due to his choice NOT to obey God's Will but to use his free will. 

Humanity forgot the law of Love and so it keeps itself imprisoned in an ever denser and stricter and more limited conditioning and behaviour. Mankind is tainted; man’s soul is blackened and compromised.

We truly live in darkness.

To find the Light humanity must purify and prepare. A wise man pointed to this great verity already 2000 years ago. If this is truly understood and integrated in one’s life, then this becomes a Holy Gnostic act.

In order to become pure again, man needs to see why he has to sacrifice his lower self. It means the purging of all the wrong deeds, emotions and thinking from our microcosm; it is cleaning the mind of things untrue, and letting go all attachments and possessions, which are so dearly held in this world of illusions: "Sell all you have and follow Me" - Jesus

By purifying the self and allowing Love to enter, we will finally come to truly see our neighbour with new eyes and how he is connected to us and how we are connected to all life ourselves. And vice versa our neighbour will also come to see us more clear and treat us with more respect. Love will want to serve Itself.

We all are but One Family. But how few do see this?

Humanity is swinging back and forth in the illusory sea of dualistic world, swinging from the left to the right, it is swinging from doing one act to doing another act, it is swinging from love to hate, from sympathy to aversion without even understanding why he behaves like that and how this is happening. And due to his little ego, fear prevails.

Mankind must first come to see in all clarity the reality of this world and his predicament in order to find the way back Home.

The situation is becoming worse for a few good reasons. Mankind is heading for an unexpected dénouement. Humanity will be forced to choices. Humanity will face crises since a New World is dawning in a new era for the human race.


Are people interested to know why and what? 

Are people interested to find out how Love may prevail in a new era?

Are people interested to awaken to this new reality?

Two thousand years ago the enlightened Jesus incarnated as a spark of God in human form and He was alone. He made absolutely clear how divine Harmony could be attained. He demonstrated in a Perfect way how intelligent souls can find the Path of Return to their divine inheritance by “crucifying” their little self and so to find a New Life.

Jesus as an enlightened soul prepared the way for what is transpiring today.

Today many more sparks from the divine spheres have been incarnated in human form in order to serve humanity and to blaze the trail to the New World and a New World consciousness.

And so again the cry will go out: "purify and take up your cross and follow the indicated direction to the path". 

All of humankind will be offered a vital opportunity. But few know how to respond to it proper, despite the fact that some have more knowledge of Gnosis. The key is to look beyond. Just book knowledge is not enough. Those who are sincere, must learn how to unlearn and learn how to purify. This is the way to find eternal Harmony and Bliss in our life, which allows to find a New divine Life.

Many things are going to change. It is time.

May all be blessed.