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In the beginning was God. And God breathed upon the vast and empty space of the Universe. And God created divine Man.

And Man could choose whether to remain subject to the Will of his Creator, or to set out upon the path of destiny by the power of his own free will.

And a part of the human lifewave chose free will, chose to guide its own path through the annals of time.

And God gave humanity a light by which to steer. God gave it the knowledge of Truth and falsehood, that it might follow a path that would lead it back to the Truth from which it had set out. God also warned humanity not to get caught up with the polarities of good and evil, which are both of falsehood, and He said: "Should you become lost in the shadows cast by duality, follow in your heart the light of Truth alone, which is of Me, and that path will lead you back to Me, and you will find yourself again in Heaven. But follow in your heart the concepts of good and evil, and you will go further and further from Me. For though I have allowed good and evil to come about from your choice, good and evil are not of Me; they are of the Devil, and must for you be seen as the Seducer, so that you do not follow him. For the path of duality will lead you to the Devil and you will find yourself in hell."

And hell is a place where exist the ever-swinging polarities of darkness and light, misery and happiness, pain and pleasure, anguish and contentment, hatred and affection, violence and meekness, discomfort and comfort, sickness and health, failure and success, ignorance and knowledge, malice and goodwill, greed and charity, blame and forgiveness. Yet always in the realm of hell is death, futility, hopelessness and despair. And hell is a place where no man should wish to be.

But humanity set off upon its journey through time, and the path of Truth and the path of good & evil lay before it. And after ages of experimentation with the path of good & evil, after eons of cultivating dualistic habits and so in falling farther and farther from Grace in the realm of Truth, the path leading back to Truth became unfamiliar, strange, steep, narrow and intimidating; it promised great sacrifice of all that had been so arduously and passionately cultivated in hell and so it made hefty demands upon each soul that was invested in hell; yet it led to Heaven. And so the path of good & evil became the path of habit, agreeable and comfortable, conformable and easy, and it promised great self-indulgence; but it led to the darkness of hell.

And humanity experienced for ages the conflict of good and evil; discomfort now with the promise of joy to come on one side, and pleasure now with the promise of pain to come on the other. And humanity found that free will did not bring the sense of greatness that it had imagined it would, but a gnawing sense of doubt and uncertainty. For the power to choose brings with it also the burden of responsibility; there cannot be one without the other. Humanity had sought the power, and so was now saddled with the burden.

But choice it had demanded, and so now choose it must. To make no choice, but instead run with the pack, conform, is to take the easy way, and leads through the twilight zone to hell. To pretend that there is no choice to be made while in duality is to deny responsibility and so is also to take the easy way, and leads to hell. To accept the burden of responsibility of choice, to shoulder it and to choose Truth, is to take the hard way, and leads to Heaven. It is the beginning of the road that leads back to God.

But over time the fallen human lifewave chose the road of habit, the road that leads to hell. Humanity rejected the burden of responsibility that came with the power of choice. Each man tried to put the burden onto another. Each man claimed that another made his life for him. Each man saw himself the victim of his circumstances. Each man saw his life as the sum total of the decisions of others and the hand of fate.

And humanity's choice was manifested when each man blamed another for his own misfortunes. For blame is the ultimate rejection of responsibility.

Blame is the detonator of evil, and conditional love - or affection - its antipole. The universal Law of Truth is perpetually broken by blame on the one side and praise on the other. All destruction stems from blame, and the reconstruction of hell stems from praise. Unless a man feels the need to blame there is no destruction in him; unless he knows selfish desire there is no reconstructive impulse in him either. Unless man feels the need to blame there is no hatred in him; unless he feels the need to praise there is no impulse in him towards self-gratification. Unless man feels the need to blame there is no evil in him, and unless he feels the need to congratulate, neither is there in him the polarity of 'good', which keeps evil alive in duality.

But humanity chose to blame. Humanity felt the need to blame. Each man blamed the other, who them returned the blame in kind. Humanity began to pattern the future course of the history of the world on the basis of blame. Blame became the common factor in all events, and with it humanity set out along the road to hell.

And blame begets ignorance and pain because in order to blame a man must experience the effects of his blind choices, that he may come to know the scope of his responsibility. If he knows, through the experience of pain, that he has chosen to suffer, he then cannot blame his suffering on someone else.

So through blame humanity became blind to its own self-created reality, for fear of having to bear the burden of responsibility and for fear of seeing the full extent of its power to choose. Humanity told itself a lie, a monstrous lie that provided temporary escape from the burden it was not willing to carry, and thereby it pursued the ephemeral comforts of the road to hell, ignorant of the nature of its choice, and blind to the consequences.

And blame gave birth to more blame; evil was spawned all over the face of the Earth and 'good works' arose in many places in order to counteract the evil. And thus was the duality of hell fortified, trapping countless souls on the pendulum of restless futility and delusion.

Over the ages, desperation gave birth to violence and hatred within the hearts of men, and these were then organised and institutionalised in the name of security and peace, to be released from time to time with merciless destruction in the form of war.

And the pattern of blame was handed down from generation to generation, so that all men lived by its code, and blame became the hallmark of humanity. And though men began by using blame to pass aside the burden of responsibility, soon they were ruled by blame, their lives were dominated by it. It became the basic instinct of man, perpetually fed by the great cloud of blame and guilt projected into the ethers by the thoughts, fears and desires of men over ages of error.

Man could suppress it, turn it upon himself, try to ignore it, but it made no difference; his greatest need was to blame. And as his life became more worthless and corrupt from his pursuit of the pleasures and distractions on the road to hell, so he felt a greater and greater need to blame; there was so much more for which something or someone had to be blamed.

And so it is today. Man has taken the road to hell, and steers by the lodestar of blame. Sometimes his eyes are opened for an instant, and he sees where he is going, what he is doing, and he cries, "We must not blame! We must all accept responsibility!" But no one listens or takes heed. So he closes his eyes again, and finds someone to blame for the lack of response to his appeal. "Men will not accept responsibility", he sighs. "They continue to blame. It is the fault of our president. He is to blame for the hopeless state of our nation."

And the clouds of resignation, denial and conformity close over his head once more.

There is little understanding amongst humanity of blame for what it truly is. Sometimes there is a vision of the consequences of blame, and there are many who say, "We must not fight one another!" So vast quantities of blame are suppressed, hoarded unconsciously, and compounded from lack of release through expression. Hatred is held in check, so that no violence is allowed to show above the surface. But soon the pressure of frustrated blame becomes too much, the dam bursts and violence erupts in war or riot or revolution or assassination.

But no one asks the question: Why? Why, deep down, do we need to blame one another, and thence to hate one another, and thence to destroy one another?

So on it goes. And if anyone were to ask the question: Why?, no one would know the answer. It is buried too deep beneath lifetimes of habit, repudiation of responsibility and forgetfulness of the Truth.

Many would proffer a reply. Many would find countless reasons, countless rationalisations, countless justifications for humanity's compulsive need to blame. But no one would know the answer. Humanity has traveled too far along the path to hell to be able any longer to look back and answer how and why it came to be this way. The true reason is long forgotten and cannot be recalled.

You can tell a man why he blames, and he might understand with his intellect, and he might even agree that what you tell him is so, but rarely will he feel the reality of what you say to him; he will not feel it inside himself to the degree needed in order that his instinct to blame may be plucked out by the roots and discarded; he will be unable to repent, to feel deep regret for his painful digressions born long ago, the memory of which is now faded by time and covered by habit and conviction. Humanity has sunk too low for remembrance to be possible under free will; the path is too steep, too demanding. The darkness of the 'paradise curse' has taken hold, and man has trapped himself within the great lie, from which he blames. Nothing can save him, not even the wise guidance of a thousand Buddhas!

So the end of the road has been reached on Earth; the inevitable culmination of the easy way, the nadir of manifestation from which there can be no redemption from countless lifetimes of misplaced investment. The lie has triumphed over man, Humanity has become shamanity; man - now a parody of the original divine Man - has become hopelessly lost in a fallen and undivine condition, and so will be cast into the purifying Fire where the useless ore of incarnations of wrong investment will be consumed.

Man demanded the power to choose and man has made his choice, and nothing shall change it. For the time of the harvest is come and the great separation of the wheat from the chaff is already taking place. The Spirit of Christ is now manifesting in the world, and the mighty Sword of Truth is readied in His hand to strike down all who would cling to the fraudulent values of humanity.

And the Devil in humanity has done his work of ages and is now released from the restraint forced upon him in past by mankind's concealment; he is now set free - forced to be free, to be seen - to stalk the Earth with unbridled ferocity; tempter no longer, for the time of sin is past; destroyer now, for the time of retribution is at hand.

The evil now in the world is not the manifestation of men's sins alone, but the ultimate consequence of their choice to break the Law and so create hell. For the manifestation of evil in the final days is not chosen by man, but is forced to be revealed by God, for each man must see and know his own creations. We are in the days of reckoning brought upon the world as promised time and time again over the millennia; we have come to the end of the path of falsehood, and no man shall stem the inevitable fulfillment of the Law of divine Justice.

Humanity was warned repeatedly over the ages, but chose not to heed the warning. Now comes the final settlement; 'the Judgement' and the devastation of the world created by men.

For the world of men is a place of darkness and misery and pain and anguish and hatred and violence and discomfort and unrest and unease and sickness and failure and death and futility and ignorance and malice and greed and envy and despair. For the world of men is hell.

The Earth has become a hell, and man has made it so.

Humanity chose the easy way that leads to hell, and now its journey is ended. The game is over. It remains only for the separation to be complete and hell to be destroyed.

While the virtuous and true await their long-promised redemption and rejoice at the forthcoming end of hell, the Devil in man fears the end of his world and so strives to prevent the inevitable, speaking of love but leaving the scars of hatred in his wake; talking of peace but making war inside himself and with others; continuing to blame the messengers of Truth and true Love whenever they challenge his delusions and his world.

The virtuous can see the Devil and recognise his works, but the Devil appreciates not the virtuous and hates them. The Devil will strive after self- and world-maintenance until the end, and the messengers of God are a constant nemesis to him, for they remind him of the utter futility of his works.

The Devil says:

I greet Thee, Thou Light,

pervading my domain.

I greet Thee, Thou who walks the ways,      

which I combat with bitter hatred.

I know, Thine is the victory, O Lord,

and yet I revolt against Thee!

Such is my fate,

until I die. Until the very last hour,

I shall resist Thee, O Lord.


And the messengers of God simply reply:

You have no foundation in Reality,

and so in these times of the end of hell,

and the restoration of Eden on Earth,

your fate is sealed.

You must cease to exist,

And all your works will come to naught.


And there is rejoicing in Heaven as the old, hellish Earth passes away and as the New Earth is come in Radiance and Glory.