An Introduction to the Beatitudes

23-05-2017 16:53

ONE OF THE CORNER PILLARS OF THE GNOSTIC MESSAGE OF SALVATION is the realisation of the existence of the two universes. One universe, which we know and where we live and in which our fallen consciousness resides, is an order composed of two halves, one on either side of the veil between corporeal life and death. These two halves are destined to merge ever more closely as the events of today's Great Transition unfold. (You may wish to contemplate deeply upon the very real implications of this for the fearful masses). The second Universe is unknown to us; we do not live and do not have our being in it, and we are unable to fathom its laws and realities. The man in the street has no inkling whatsoever of its existence.

In the Gnostic philosophy the fallen universe that is known to us is called duality: an order under whose laws everything perpetually changes into its opposite. The unknown Universe is called immovable or static, an order in which duality does not exist, where everything that exists is eternal and is governed by entirely different laws.

The Gnostic philosophy designates the unknown Universe as the real Kingdom, which is included in the Divine Plan of Evolution; as the world of divine Mankind, wherein man lives in a state of beatitude (pronounced be-attitude), of supreme blessedness, exaltation and bliss; not without a physical body, as is the case on yonder side of the veil of death in the reflection sphere, but in possession of a glorified, etherealised material body*. We and our fellow men have fallen from this divine World and we find ourselves in a certain emergency order, the all-governing principle of which is relativity; a relativity from which, logically, duality must be born.

* This depends, of course, upon the level of evolutionary attainment that an entity has reached, for the vast majority of divine beings who are living within the divine Universe dwell beyond the spheres of the divine etheric, and even beyond the divine astral and mental planes.

As far as our little world-sphere - Gaia - is concerned, both these universes, which are diametrically opposed, are contained within one globe: planet Earth.

Today, spiritual teachings and the discoveries of modern science are approaching one another; mankind is now undertaking to demonstrate that the unknown, divine Universe must of necessity be contained within our globe. For some decades now, scientists and metaphysicians have been taking the works of Einstein and others and further researching into and expanding upon them. With their theories of relativity and considerations about cosmic rays, heat spheres, contracting and expanding universes, these men are now finding corroborations with the Ancient Wisdom.

Amidst such considerations we may recognise that the highest heat sphere, one of the innermost planes (vibrationally-speaking) of our globe, is the domain of original Mankind; that part of mankind that did not participate in the Fall. Conversely, the fallen world that is known to us is an outer sphere of this same globe and, in terms of frequency, is farther away from the divine Heart of the planet. Correspondingly, our star-spangled firmament, which is contained within the greater macrocosmic sphere, is an extremely faint shadow of the real divine Universe.

By that other World - the real World - which is unknown to us, we do not mean a heavenly world in the usual sense as applied to the reflection sphere; we do not mean a civilised fallen human kingdom, but an absolutely different World, whose aspects and qualities cannot in any respect be compared with fallen existence. Neither can those aspects and qualities ever arise from this fallen world by any evolutionary development. The two worlds of which we speak are separate and diametrically opposed to one another, although they are contained within one Cosmos, within one Universal Sphere of Being: the Mind of God.

Now, the Gnostic teaching is one that contains a great number of liberating revelations for mankind. However, the Cause, the Goal of the Gnosis has long been a very difficult one to effect in this fallen world amongst fallen mankind. Refutations and slander are its usual lot, and indeed, historically, only relatively few persons have been capable of assimilating the liberating Gnosis consciously and dynamically. Yet, once again today, our mission is to form an Earthly nucleus for the Fellowship of Christ which is not of this world, not of this universe, but one which in essence and vibration will be wholly attuned to the other Universe, that unknown World, the Kingdom of God. We cannot impose belief in the New World in others, neither can we show that other World to those who would keep their eyes closed. Yet mass-scepticism and disbelief cannot thwart the formation of the Gnostic nucleus on Earth that we have called the Ark of Christ, for the scriptures must be fulfilled, just as the Divine Plan of Salvation for Earth and mankind will soon know a Victory of Ages.

Today, therefore, on the eve of a New Day for Earth, the teaching regarding the two universes has again been presented to the world, because a sufficient number of persons have once more become spiritually mature enough to receive it. There are those presently in the world who are weary of experimenting with their humanistic endeavours. They are beginning to realise that they are bound by the limitations of a form of 'goodness' that can and will turn into its opposite at any moment. More and more awakening individuals are realising and experiencing this today. These people are truly and deeply religious by way of the nature and quality of their being, and consequently they are sensing that such a swinging of the dualistic pendulum, leading to an ever more corrupted state of existence, cannot possibly be a part of the Divine Plan. They have therefore become mature in their blood-consciousness and in their soul to receive the Gnosis that will open them to a conscious insight into their true Calling as children of God.

It is for such persons that we must speak and testify. As for others who, for whatever reason, persist in their dissenting attitudes, we relinquish them to the long-prophesied and now imminent developments that must and will unfold upon Earth. That which the divine Spirit cannot as yet reveal must be gained in the school of experience (which on Earth presently is the school of hard knocks). No more words from us or even from a thousand Buddhas can reach closed ears. We only pray that if individuals cannot as yet enter the Christine Field of Harvest because there exists no true spiritual kinship between us, then they may soon come to at least recognise the great folly in attacking the Gnosis by once again crucifying Christ as they did before.

History has repeatedly revealed to us that suggestions from the divine Kingdom create suspicion, animosity and hatred in many who cannot understand them due to their state of being, and may even spur them to acts of aggression. What will be the result of this in our times? Many souls will become befouled and dragged into the mire of evil amidst the great battle of Armageddon (see The Enemy, available from ourselves); even more so since the new yet ancient and cyclic divine Injunction is again being given today to both friend and foe alike, without any distinction; it is right now being sounded by all true servants of Christ under the directives of the Logoic Redemption Plan. This Injunction goes out as a Calling and an Invitation to all.

*  *  *

During our long eons of sacrifice upon the altar of service, we have broken off friendships for Christ's sake, severed ties on behalf of the divine Spirit and, just like today, we have frequently been guided along the path of loneliness and suffering in the fields of darkness. The experiences of the times when it was granted us to proclaim the Teaching of the Avatars have left deep traces in our memories; we have been forced to watch similar Earth-movies time and time again as we could do little more than give all of our attention and energy to what little harvest was possible.

When the current of the Universal Doctrine flows toward mankind through its servants, the immaculate blazon of these workers is soiled by every variety of accusation and enmity. When this happens, the divine Spring from which the workers draw is also denied mankind as an attempt is made to pollute the Living Water by ignorance and selfishness. The I with its perfidious promptings always becomes most treacherous when it is unmasked and its expectations thwarted by the living Light of Truth.

Throughout the history of this world the experience of all workers in the vineyard of Christ has been the same, and no one who approaches the masses with the Gnostic teaching of the two universes should expect that he will fare any better than Mani. Mani was an exalted teacher in the third century and a devoted servant of Christ. A great part of his doctrine and his writings were destroyed by the Roman Catholic bishops under the leadership of Augustine. Mani was murdered and beheaded, and his head, filled with sawdust, was impaled at the top of a pole at one of the gates of a Persian city as a sinister symbol of how empty-headed Mani was supposed to have been.

Augustine, one of the main founders of the Roman Catholic Church, associated himself with the Manicheans for a while, as he desired to be initiated into their mysteries. However, the mysteries and values of the original divine Kingdom are known only to fundamentally renewed human beings, and this was far from the case with regard to Augustine! Consequently, as he found all the doors closed to him everywhere that he looked as a fallen and ignorant personality, he received the very opposite of what he was seeking. He left the order with the comment: "Never did I find any proof of an actually existing second Universe". As a reaction to his spiritual bankruptcy he proceeded with great effort and dedication to establish a Christine realm in the fallen world which, of course, is impossible. Being one of the founders of the Roman hierarchy, he had in mind to replace what he had been unable to attain himself, with an Earthly theocracy, and, of course, the rest is history! (See 'Hell on Earth', available from ourselves).

Psycho-analysis was still unknown in those days, otherwise it would have been clear that an initial disappointment accounts for a following reaction. Augustine's activity is, of course, continued today in modern garb by the church, and also a multitude of other forms of imitation spirituality, including the vast majority of what has been called the New Age movement. Thus we can see how the ancient Judas-drama has been repeated right up to the present day. Judas, too, desired an Earthly theocracy under the guidance of his beloved master, Jesus. However, when Jesus declared that his Kingdom was not of this world, Judas tried to force the issue, just like Augustine.

*  *  *

To recap, then: two worlds are contained within our Earthly macrocosm. The great mission of true Christianity is to liberate us from the fallen world with its good and evil, its never-ending duality, and to liberate us with regard to our consciousness, soul and body to the freedom of the original divine World. This regeneration must proceed from below upwards and this is why all the Avatars of Christ came to dwell among us to establish the divine link, to open up the Way, to erect the holy ladder - Jacob's Ladder - whereby the aspirant may ascend to the other Kingdom.

The spiritual poverty of the pseudo-Christian communities in this world was developed and is maintained by a wrong interpretation of the binding of Christ with this world and its fallen mankind, and to the continued attempt to establish an Earthly kingdom, and this blinded activity is, of course, provoked and fortified by the countless misguided groups in the reflection sphere. However, those who are able to see and to hear will find that they are impelled to proceed with the building work of a new Christine structure in this darkened world: the Ark of Christ. They endeavour to fulfil the mission of Christ within themselves and therefore they ascend the mountain together with all the Avatars, so that they may not only understand the Gnosis and the Call to Transfiguration, but also that they may realise the One Goal of fallen mankind: Deliverance.

Since the founding of the emergency order, mythologies portraying the pilgrim's ascension of the mount - the Mount of the Gods - has symbolised one's capacity to truly receive certain teachings or divine suggestions and to integrate these in one's life. Places of initiation were always to be found in the mountains. Every nation had its sacred mountain and there still exist sacred mountains where great spiritual beings dwell. From out of antiquity there are legends of the seven mountains that are the abodes of the seven Spirits. This is an allusion to the seven holy cosmic Forces, the seven Rays, which concern themselves with man. These cosmic Forces that work through prophets and spiritual teachers and which radiate in fullness through Christ, watch the approaching multitudes for those who seek the spirit of Truth, for those who come to the mountain and assemble. They then teach them, saying: ' Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven'

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